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Scott Classic Specialized eCatalogue available
The online, or eCatalogue, version of the 2015 Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers 1840-1940 is now available for purchase. I (Read more...)

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Breaking Stamp News

War of 1812 collectors’ set planned War of 1812 collectors’ set planned; new coil issue Feb. 27
The United States Postal Service is offering collectors a new souvenir product for its recently concluded War of 1812 commemorative stamp series. (Read more...)

U.S. Stamps and Postal History

Friends of Duck Stamp, FWS support $10 price increase
President Barack Obama’s approval of a $10 increase in the price of the federal hunting-permit stamp was welcomed by a number of the stamp’s advocates. (Read more...)

Stamp Market Insights

Jan. 13-14 Cherrystone auction offers U.S., worldwide Jan. 13-14 Cherrystone auction in New York offers variety of U.S., worldwide material
A noticeable characteristic of the Jan. 13-14 sale from Cherrystone Auctions is that it includes a broad and varied selection of material from all over the world, including some items that are not frequently seen. (Read more...)

International Stamps and Postal History

Italy to honor world expo, chocolatier in 2015 Italy to honor world expo, chocolatier, St. John Bosco in 2015
It seems hard to believe, but despite the recession plaguing southern Europe, Poste Italiane (Italy’s postal administration) recently reported increased philatelic sales and an unexpected surge in the number of new-issue subscribers. (Read more...)

Postal News

PMG-designate Brennan will need friends on Capitol Hill
When Megan Brennan becomes the nation’s 74th postmaster general Feb. 1, she is likely to discover that one of her big challenges is making friends on Capitol Hill. (Read more...)

Editorial Insights

2014 edition of The Stamp Yearbook offers $2 Circus sheet 2014 edition of 'The Stamp Yearbook' offers $2 Circus sheet, limited selection of stamps
After much hype and anticipation, the 2014 edition of The Stamp Yearbook is now available from the United States Postal Service. (Read more...)