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Breaking Stamp News

Hot Rods forever stamps will show ‘USA’ on license plates Hot Rods forever stamps will show ‘USA’ on license plates
The designs of the two Hot Rods forever stamps to be issued June 6 were revealed in mid-April by the United States Postal Service through its USA Philatelic catalog. (Read more...)

U.S. Stamps and Postal History

U.S. Stamp Notes: Cancellations mistaken for overprints Cancellations can be mistaken for overprints if struck just so
Periodically in this column we look at United States stamps with cancellations that could be mistaken for overprints if the stamps were seen off cover. (Read more...)

Stamp Market Insights

Stamp Market Tips: People’s Republic of China China airmail set from 1957-58
People’s Republic of China — The People’s Republic of China hasn’t issued many airmail stamps: just one set of five (Scott C1-C5) on May 1, 1951, and another set of four (C6-C9) in 1957-58. (Read more...)

International Stamps and Postal History

Asia Philately: Ryukyu Islands stationery Special markings created Ryukyus provisional postal stationery
The United States administered Ryukyu Islands from the end of World War II until 1972. (Read more...)

Postal News

Washington Postal Scene: Manabe speech raises interest Manabe speech raises interest
The woman who supervises the stamp program at the United States Postal Service is once again raising eyebrows. (Read more...)

Editorial Insights

Market trends reflected in catalog values; classic stamps up, most modern down
Vol. 1 of the 2015 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue has been available for purchase for about a month, and I am happy to report that sales have been brisk. (Read more...)