2010 Scott Catalogue Volume 1

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United States, United Nations & Countries A-B

There were 4,484 value changes made in the United States, U.S. possessions and United Nations. New and significant value increases in the classic area tend to be for unused stamps that are quite scarce or rare in original-gum condition, such as Scott 5A and 28A, and used rare grills such as Scott 80, 80a, 81, 82, 85B (unused), 85D and 85F. In more modern issues, values remain essentially steady, with a few noteworthy gains. The 1994 29¢ American Music Series stamps, Scott 2854-2861, rise in value significantly to $1.60 each mint never hinged, from 75¢ each in the 2009 U.S. Specialized catalogue. The serpentine die cut 11¼ version of the 1999 Flag and City self-adhesive, Scott 3278i (single) and 3278j (booklet pane of 10), has proven to be quite elusive in the marketplace, and it rises to $2.75 per unused single and $27.50 for the unused booklet pane, from just $1.40 per unused single and $14.00 for the unused booklet pane in the 2009 catalogues.

Countries that show significant numbers of value changes in Volume 1 include Algeria, Antigua, Belarus, Belgian Congo and Bolivia. In Algeria, the value changes are in the pre-1960 period, and they are uniformly upward. In-depth reviews of both Belgian Congo and Bolivia resulted in a great many value changes in each country, with values in Belgian Congo showing advances of moderate to often significant size, while the gains in Bolivian values tend to be quite significant across the board.

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