2013 Scott Catalogue Volume 1

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United States, United Nations & Countries A-B

Almost 13,500 value changes are recorded in this year's edition. Market activity for U.S. material remains robust. Of the 1,745 U.S. value changes recorded, about 500 are recorded in postage. Eighteen new major errors are also included in this year's Volume 1.

Among the A-B countries, significant numbers of value changes are recorded for Albania (2,066), Angola (1,071), Bulgaria (901) and Aitutaki (769).

On the editorial side, the minimum catalogue value of 20¢ has been raised to 25¢. New listings have been added for Biafra. Despite the country only being in existence less than 3 years, the Biafran listings consist of a total 31 stamps, two souvenir sheets and two minor color varieties.

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