2013 Scott Catalogue Volume 2

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Countries C-F

More than 24,000 value changes were recorded in Volume 2, which covers countries of the world C through F. Selected classic material remains in demand while the market has slowed for stamps issued during the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s due to large supplies and lower demand. On the flip side, issues from the past 10 years or so are moving up steadily.

Activity was particularly heavy in China, where more than 4,600 changes were made in the People's Republic of China. Other countries in Volume 2 with substantial numbers of value changes include: Egypt (2,600), Dominica (2,408), Dominican Republic (2,266), Cook Islands (1,642) and Ethiopia (1,278).

On the editorial side, 30 new errors have been added in Canada.

Available May 7, 2012

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