2013 Scott Catalogue Volume 4

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Countries J-M

More than 19,000 value changes were recorded in this year’s edition. Leading the way was Kuwait with 2,123 changes. Other countries with substantial number of changes include Maldive Islands (2,053), Mozambique (1,897), Malta (1,518), Montserrat (1,200), Jamaica (1,073) and Mali (949).

Substantial increases of 20% or more can be found in several countries. Examples include Liberia from 2005-08 and Mozambique from 2000-04. Stamps from the classic period also continue to exhibit healthy gains.

On the editorial side, dozens of overprinted and surcharged stamps are now illustrated in color, in place of the verbal descriptions that once headlined the respective listings. With pictures to guide you, these stamps should be much easier to locate. Also, various black-and-white drawings of different type designs, some of which have been in the catalogue for decades, are now illustrated with actual stamps.

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