About Scott Catalogues

Scott Publishing Co. has been serving stamp collectors for more than 140 years. The company is known around the world as the publisher of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. It is the only catalogue produced on an annual basis that values and identifies all the stamps of the world. Throughout the years Scott Publishing Co. has developed and produced a wide variety of stamp albums and collecting accessories. Today, Scott offers more than 1,400 different products.

The company was founded by a young immigrant from England, John Walter Scott, who dealt in stamps in an outdoor market in New York City shortly after he arrived in America in 1863. After a short venture to California, Scott returned to New York at the age of 21. Upon his return Scott published, in June 1867, his first "J.W. Scott & Co.'s Monthly Price List" which is now recognized as the forerunner to the modern day Scott catalogue. In September 1868, his list was expanded to a 21 page booklet. The price for this booklet was a mere 15¢!

It was from these humble beginnings that Scott founded the firm that bears his name. Early on the company's founder was much more involved in the buying and selling of stamps than in the publishing side of things. But Scott was not content with simply selling stamps. In 1868, he produced the first of many in the long line of postage stamp albums and he also began publishing a monthly journal, which is now known as Scott Stamp Monthly. Because of his many accomplishments and contributions, J. Walter Scott is known as the "Father of American Philately."

Today the Scott Standard catalogue comprises six volumes and lists more than 650,000 individual stamps from more than 600 different countries. The company also produces specialized catalogues for United States stamps, and for classic worldwide stamps issued during the hobby's first 100 years: 1840-1940. Each year improvements and modifications are made to the catalogues.

The company also boasts on expansive and diverse album line. Albums are produced for all levels of collecting interest, from the beginner to the highly specialized collector. Besides producing catalogues and albums, Scott also offers a wide variety of collecting accessories, such as mounts, magnifiers and stamp tongs.

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