Stamp collecting is something that, when done well, is both a nod to the past and a snapshot of the present.

A collection is at once timeless and ever-changing.


No one is more fascinated with the philatelic hobby’s crossroads of then and now than longtime stamp collector and dealer John Apfelbaum, a highly respected and well-known philatelist for whom stamp collecting is a family tradition.


Who is John Apfelbaum?

John is the owner of stamp dealer and auction house Apfelbaum, Inc. An insightful take on the vastness of stamp collecting, John's blog provides hours of enjoyment. Read over 1,000 articles about stamp collecting and stamp history.

John learned the nuances of stamp collecting from his grandfather, the late Earl Apfelbaum, who preceded John both in the stamp-selling business and in the practice of philatelic writing. Earl's Apfelbaum’s Corner column was first published by Linn’s Stamp News in 1963 and ran for more than 20 years.


Apfelbaum’s Corner is back. And though it is a different Apfelbaum doing the writing, it is insipired by that same passion for a hobby that loves to look back, but is always moving forward.

A Unique View on Stamps

John Apfelbaum’s modern-day blog covers U.S. and worldwide stamp markets, concepts and history with a level of expertise that only a lifelong collector who was raised in the stamp hobby can provide. 

Magnifying glassStamp Collecting and the Expanding World

The purpose of stamps have shifted over the last few decades. Apfelbaum's latest blog highlights the changes in the global significance of stamps.Read more.

Magnifying glassBaby Boomer Collectors

We are seeing an upsurge of collecting interest among Baby Boomers returning to the hobby, which should spark growth for the next 10 or 15 years. Read more.

Stamp PerforationsStamp Perforations

The first postage stamps were issued without a pre-ordered method of separation. In 1840, it was revolutionary enough for the stamp itself to be issued. Read more.


From Earl’s Archives:

Go back in time with a few timeless posts from the original Apfelbaum’s Corner that ran in Linn's Stamp News for two decades.

- How a Successful Stamp Business Starts
- What It Means to be a Stamp Collector
- Collecting the Stamps of Your Ancestors
- The Stamps That Got Away: Missing Out on Future Stamp Classics
Read all 127 of Earl's original Apfelbaum’s Corner posts.

More from John Apfelbaum’s Blog:

War and Philately: Border changes, troops' letters home, and makeshift postal service makes for fascinating collectibles.


North Korea Stamps: North Korea has been a prolific issuer of stamp, but that does not mean it has a strong market in the making.


Switzerland: One of the World’s First Stamp Issuers Continues to Provide Buzz: The first issues of Switzerland are called the Cantonals and the first of these was issued in 1846.