Show Awards


Alfredo Frohlich won the show grand award for his exhibit "The United States of Colombia," which also earned a gold, Cuban Philatelic Society of America award and best postal division award.

The reserve grand award went to Donald R. Hines for his exhibit "Great Britain King George V Photogravure Issue 1934-36." Hines also received a gold and the Great Britain Collectors Club Tom Current founders award.

Stampshow 2008, sponsored by the American Philatelic Society, was held Aug. 14-17 at the Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, Conn.

GOLD: Arthur K.M. Woo, "Guatemala: The 1879 and 1881 Small Quetzal Issues," also candidate for grand; Sandeep Jaiswal, "Dhar Philately," also APS pre-1900 medal, Collectors Club of Chicago award and candidate for grand; Tom Minor, "War Propaganda," also Poster Stamp Collectors Club best presentation award and best charity promotion and cinderella; Eliot A. Landau, "Lincoln, Slavery and the Civil War," also best display division award; Jerome V.V. Kasper, "Illustrated WWII British Military Airletters," also best illustrated division award; Charles J. Ekstrom III, "Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamps," also American Revenue Association multiframe award and best revenue award; M. Teton, "Beguiling Orbs of Beauty," also American Topical Association Jerry Husak award and best thematic award; Paul F. Ammons, "Canal Zone Second (First Definitive) Airmail Series"; Roger S. Brody, "Prominent American Series, United States, Production and Usage," also APS 1940-80 medal; Timothy Bryan Burgess, "The One Penny Perforated Stars of Great Britain, 1848-1864; Cheong-Too Choi, "Dr. Sun Yat-Sun Issue Central Trust Print 16¢ Overprints and Surcharges of China 1942"; John F. Cress, "Development of Australian Airmail 1914-1934"; Michael Dixon, "Air Mail To and From Great Britain via French and German South Atlantic Services 1928-1940," also American Air Mail Society award; Gerald Farrelly, "Washington-Franklin 1¢ Issues 1908-1923"; Paul B. Goodwin, " 'All Aboard!' The Development, Organization and Operations of the Argentine Railroads 1857-1949," also Manchester Philatelic Society award; Edward J.J. Grabowski, "Postal History of the French Colonial Allegorical Group Type: Use in the French Pacific Ocean Colonies," also APS 1900-40 medal; Stephen P. Kaplan, "Usages of the Ring Stationery of Finland, 1891-1911"; James J. Kotanchik, "Official Seals of Great Britain," also APS research medal; Alfred F. Kugel, "Allied Occupation of the Former German Colonies 1914-1922," also German Philatelic Society gold and Military Postal History Society award; Ingert Kuzych, "Lemberg: The Postal History of an Imperial Austrian Crownland Capital"; Lawrence LeBel, "Boyd's, A Local Post: 1844-1889," also United States Cancellation Club Charles D. Root memorial award; Joann Lenz, "The 6¢ Theodore Roosevelt Definitive Stamp 1955-1968"; Ronald E. Lesher Sr., "The Taxation of Legal Alcohol During the Prohibition Era," also State Revenue Society award; David Lobdell, "U.S. War Department Official Stamps 1873-1884," also United States Stamp Society statue of freedom award; Stanley J. Luft, " 'Hors-sac' Urgent Dispatch Mail," also American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors creativity award; Bill McMurray, "Tomorrow's Classics (U.S. Flags and Transportation Coil Issues of 1981)," also Plate Number Coil Collectors Club certificate of achievement award; Behruz Nassare-Esfahani, "Persia, 1902 Provisional Typeset Issue of Teheran"; Robert P. Odenweller, "New Zealand: 1855-1872"; Don David Price, "U.S. Bicolor Postage Issues of 1869-1918," also United States Philatelic Classics Society award; William A. Rader, "The Philatelic Legacy of Martha Washington Stamps"; Reuben A. Ramkissoon, "Air Letter Sheets (Aerogrammes) of Trinidad and Tobago 1943-1995," also British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group award; Robert G. Rufe, "U.S. Special Handling 1925-1957: The Stamps and the Service," also American Philatelic Congress award; Robert A. Schlesinger, "1938 Presidentials, a Rate Study," also Prexie Study Group Roland Rustad memorial award; Thomas Slemons, "Postal History of Suffolk 1839-1844"; Harlan F. Stone, "Switzerland's Domestic and International Postage Due Charges During 1862-1907," also Postal History Society post horn medal; Jack E. Thompson, "Cuba's Struggle for Political and Philatelic Independence (1868-1914)"; Robert Washburn, "Usages of U.S. Coils Issued in the 1980s," also APS post-1980 medal and PNCCC presidents award; William R. Weiss Jr., "United States Postal Card Errors, 1881-1991," also Errors, Freaks and Oddities Collectors Club first and United Postal Stationery Society Marcus White award; Frank M. Wiatr, "Cracow Postal History From the Middle Ages to the Postage Stamp," also Rossica Society of Russian Philately award for best Russian area exhibit.

VERMEIL: Stephen S. Washburne, "A Load of Bullocks," also best postcard award; Jonathan W. Becker, "British Palestine: The Civil Administration," also Ottoman and Near East Philatelic Society award; Albert L. Briggs Jr., "Domestic Usages of United States Presidential Series"; Lyman R. Caswell, "The First Postage Dues of Hungary, 1903-1922," also AAPE award of honor; Elmer W.A. Cleary, " 'Expressions of Grief,' a Philatelic and Cultural Exploration of the Mourning Cover"; Kenneth D. Gilbart, "U.S. Classic Stamps 1847-1868, the First Four General Issues; Arthur Groten, "When Camels Fly: The Levant Fairs of Mandate Palestine"; Barbara A. Harrison, "Ladies of the Early 20th Century (ca. 1905-1920) As Portrayed by Picture Post Card Publishers and Artists"; Dennis Hassler, "Gold Rush Days"; Robert W. Hisey, "The First Definitives of the Finnish Republic, 1917-1930"; Fernando Iglesis, "The British and French Post Offices in Cuba"; Charles Kiddle, "The Poster Stamps of Postage Stamp Dealers," also Poster Stamp Collectors Club creativity award; Dasa Metzler, "An Economic History of the German Jews 1800-1940," also AAPE award of honor and German Philatelic Society bronze; Gernot H. Reiners, "The Allied Occupation of Togo 1914-1918," also German Philatelic Society silver; Roger G. Schnell, "Ecuador, the Control Markings of 1902 and 1907"; Gianluigi Soldati, "Chemistry Philatelically," also ATA third; Stephen L. Suffet, "Postal History of the United States 1¢ Presidential Series"; Dalene T. Thomas, "Pharos, the Lighthouses of the World," also ATA second and Lighthouse Stamp Society award; Charles J.G. Verge, "The FDCs of the 1959 Commemorative for the Centennial of the American Dental Association," also American First Day Cover Society award.

SILVER: Robert S. Boyd, "Crazy Quilt: Postage Rates to the German States 1851-61," also AAPE novice award; Chris Calle, "The Art of the Cachet"; Ruth Caswell, "The Tag-a-Long 1¢ Inkwell and Quill"; Ernesto Cuesta, "Cuba: The Stamps of King Alfonso XIII, 1890-1898"; Nicholas Follansbee, "The Art of the Poster Stamp"; Earl H. Galitz, "Victory and Defeat, Bulgaria and Her Foes in the Balkan Wars (1912-1913)"; Robert Greenwald, " 'Wonder at the Unknown,' the 1958 U.S. International Geophysical Year Stamp"; Jerone R. Hart, "Great Britain Rates and Uses of the Photogravure Definitives 1934-1939"; Egbert Heinemann, "Postal History of German East Africa 1890-1918 Including German Seapost to East Africa"; Yamil H. Kouri Jr., "The Rise and Fall of the New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Company"; John N. Liles, "Portugal: The Lusiadas Issues 1931-1938"; Edward Mendlowitz, "Inauguration Day Covers from 1885 to 2005"; Tom Minor, "A Grand Event: Cinderella Stamps of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition"; Dickson H. Preston, "Purple Horrors: U.S. 3¢ Commemoratives 1904-1945"; Richard Steele, "Civil War Revenue Stamps"; Robert W. Stuchell, "Turkey-Ottoman Post in Lost Territories in Europe"; Elvis Velez, "Municipal Revenue Stamps of Ecuador"; John M. Walsh, "Newfoundland: 1898 Queen Victoria Issue First Revenue Series Used on Documents."

SILVER-BRONZE: Chris Calle, "First Man on the Moon, the Hand Drawn First-Day Covers of a Stamp Designer, Paul Calle"; Paolo Trapanese, "Trieste, AMG-FTT: Stamps, First-Day Covers, and Cards. October 1, 1947 to November 12, 1954."

BRONZE: Diane De Blois and Robert Dalton Harris, "The Government Presence in Your Community: Post Office Post Cards"; Walt Krasowski, "For the Birds."

CERTIFICATE: Ronald Hill, "The Deaths of Cuban Patriots Antonio Maceo and Jose Marti."

One-frame Exhibits

GRAND: Yamil H. Kouri Jr., "Early Contract Steamship Mail Between Charleston, Savannah and Cuba," also gold and Universal Ship Cancellation Society award.

GOLD: Henry H. Fisher, "The Third Federal Issue," also ARA single frame award; Ralph H. Nafziger, "A Soldier's Diary, the World War I North Russia Expedition"; Roger G. Schnell, "SCADTA 1925 Caribbean Survey Flight"; Charles J.G. Verge, "The 15¢ Gannet Definitive of 1954."

VERMEIL: Charles Kiddle, "Mainz: The Use of Poster Stamps in the Classic Period"; Millard H. Mack, "Ohio's Mad River and Little Miami Rail Roads, Early Postal Markings for the Two Connecting Lines, 1848-1853"; Jan Niebrzydowski, "One Polish Family's WWII Ordeal"; Thomas J. Richards, "Allied Military Government (AMG) Travel Permit Stamps"; Lucien S. Toutounji, "Constana-Alexandria-Constanta 1907-1939."

SILVER: Larry Fillion, "The Lundy Island Anti-Malaria Issue for the World United Against Malaria Campaign"; Larry Fillion, "FDCs of the South Vietnam. 5, 1, 2 and 6 Dong Issues for the World United Against Malaria Campaign"; Charles Kiddle, "Sluitzegels: Poster Stamps"; Alfred F. Kugel, "The British Expeditionary Force in France, the Early Days"; James E. McDevitt, "The Coast Guard Commemoratives"; Gernot H. Reiners, "Use of the 2 Pfg. Value in the German Colonies and Offices," also Women Exhibitors sterling achievement award; Wolf Spille, "Ludwig Hesshaimer (1872-1956) Passion for Philately"; Wolf Spille, "Steam Conquers the Atlantic 1819-1860"; Harlan F. Stone, "Mobile Post Offices of Switzerland"; Maulik Thakkar, "Mahatma Gandhi, 1948 Memorial Issues."

SILVER-BRONZE: James E. McDevitt, "The USS Maine (SSBN-741)."

BRONZE: Paul Schumacher, "The Presidents of Congress."


GRAND: R.J. Butterline, "Breadfruit," also gold, AAPE youth grand, ATA one-frame merit award and youth award.

SILVER: Lorah Wilson, "Creative Characters."

SILVER-BRONZE: Shane Guyer, "Disney Stamps."