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TopicAuthorIssue Date
Is it a postmark Janet Klug 6/1/2015
Often seen on stamps Michael Baadke 5/18/2015
Do secrets hide Janet Klug 5/4/2015
What to look for Michael Baadke 4/20/2015
Methods to acquire Janet Klug 4/6/2015
Is your stamp collection Janet Klug 3/23/2015
Making new stamps Janet Klug 2/23/2015
Love is in the air Janet Klug 1/26/2015
Auctions offer Michael Baadke 1/12/2015
There are endless varieties Michael Baadke 12/29/2014
Ten ‘best practices’ Janet Klug 12/22/2014
Joint issues: Michael Baadke 12/8/2014
Check watermarks to make Janet Klug 11/24/2014
Keep your U.S. collection Michael Baadke 11/10/2014
Stamps tell the story Janet Klug 10/27/2014
An overprint give a Michael Baadke 10/13/2014
Postage values Michael Baadke 9/29/2014
The road from Janet Klug 9/22/2014
Semipostal stamps Michael Baadke 9/8/2014
Because of stamps Janet Klug 8/25/2014
Souvenir sheets Michael Baadke 8/11/2014
See the world Janet Klug 7/28/2014
The characteristics of Michael Baadke 7/14/2014
Some cinderellas Michael Baadke 6/30/2014
Stamps recall how Janet Klug 6/23/2014
U.S. Official stamps Michael Baadke 6/9/2014
Innovation and function Janet Klug 5/26/2014
United States definitives Michael Baadke 5/12/2014
A 91-year-old atlas Janet Klug 4/28/2014
Expand your topical Michael Baadke 4/14/2014
Proceed with Michael Baadke 3/31/2014
Set Parameters Janet Klug 3/24/2014
An essential stamp Michael Baadke 3/10/2014
Technology has always Janet Klug 2/24/2014
Recipe for winter fun Janet Klug 2/10/2014
Collecting an uncommonly common Janet Klug 1/13/2014
Start assembling Janet Klug 12/23/2013
What treasures might Janet Klug 12/9/2013
Tasmania and its Janet Klug 11/25/2013
Combine collecting Janet Klug 11/11/2013
What the world needs now Janet Klug 10/28/2013
Indulge in time Janet Klug 10/14/2013
Common sense Janet Klug 9/23/2013
Italian stamp project Janet Klug 9/9/2013
Newspaper stamps Janet Klug 8/26/2013
Dream big Janet Klug 8/12/2013
How to travel Janet Klug 7/22/2013
The challenge of finding Janet Klug 7/8/2013
Tips for building Janet Klug 6/24/2013
Hobby has many free Janet Klug 6/10/2013
How a single stamp Janet Klug 5/27/2013
Challenge of acknowledgment Janet Klug 5/13/2013
Sleuthing skills and books Janet Klug 4/22/2013
Collecting Too Late Janet Klug 4/8/2013
Collecting the U.S. Janet Klug 3/25/2013
What languages Janet Klug 3/11/2013
More to stamp collecting Janet Klug 2/25/2013
You can trace Janet Klug 2/11/2013
Souvenir sheets Janet Klug 1/28/2013
Start the year Janet Klug 1/14/2013
Santa Claus Janet Klug 12/24/2012
Mailed letter programs Janet Klug 12/10/2012
The story of Thanksgiving Janet Klug 11/26/2012
Appreciate the beautiful Janet Klug 11/12/2012
Beware of scary stamps Janet Klug 10/22/2012
Russia's vast stamp Janet Klug 10/8/2012
New Stamps Teach Janet Klug 9/24/2012
Stamp album quandary: Janet Klug 9/10/2012
Missionary mail Janet Klug 8/27/2012
How developing business Janet Klug 8/13/2012
Organize and protect Janet Klug 7/23/2012
The beauty of Janet Klug 7/9/2012
Take the train Janet Klug 6/25/2012
Weeding your collectiong Janet Klug 6/11/2012
Wartime patriotism Janet Klug 5/28/2012
Puzzling over paper? Janet Klug 5/14/2012
What's the difference Janet Klug 4/23/2012
What’s wrong with my stamp? Janet Klug 4/9/2012
What's wrong with Janet Klug 3/26/2012
How many words Janet Klug 3/12/2012
Right space in album Janet Klug 2/27/2012
Geographic journeys Janet Klug 2/13/2012
Postmarks Janet Klug 1/23/2012
Collecting Janet Klug 1/9/2012
Winter blues Janet Klub 12/26/2011
Stock books to organize Janet Klug 12/12/2011
Test and dummy Janet Klug 11/28/2011
Be considerate Janet Klug 10/31/2011
Valuable lessons Janet Klug 10/24/2011
What to do Janet Klug 10/10/2011
Stop bad things Janet Klug 9/26/2011
Food for thought Janet Klug 9/12/2011
Stamp investment Janet Klug 9/5/2011
Collecting Basics Rick Miller 8/15/2011
Create a personalized Janet Klug 8/8/2011
More stamp collecting tools Janet Klug 7/25/2011
Three Basic Tools Janet Klug 7/11/2011
Keep an eye out Janet Klug 6/27/2011
Classroom presentations Janet Klug 6/13/2011
The advent of postage stamps Janet Klug 5/30/2011
Joy of stamp collecting Janet Klug 5/9/2011
Worldwide stampless covers Janet Klug 4/25/2011
Tips for postal markings Janet Klug 4/11/2011
Unanticipated Benifits Janet Klug 3/28/2011
Easy and fun Janet Klug 3/14/2011
Running on empty Janet Klug 2/28/2011
Cast a wider Janet Klug 2/14/2011
The Russian Connection Rick Miller 1/31/2011
Stamp collecting Janet Klug 1/24/2011
New Year Janet Klug 1/10/2011
Cold Outside Janet Klug 12/27/2010
Thanksgiving Janet Klug 12/13/2010
Veterans Janet Klug 11/29/2010
Postal history boot camp Rick Miller 11/15/2010
Lost art of penmanship Janet Klug 11/8/2010
Collecting Malta and Sovereign Military Janet Klug 10/25/2010
Ultraviolet Lamp Janet Klug 10/11/2010
Covers can be fascinating Janet Klug 9/27/2010
Complexities of collecting Janet Klug 9/13/2010
Training camp for stamps Rick Miller 8/30/2010
Third Dimension Janet Klug 8/23/2010
Online tool Janet Klug 8/9/2010
Proper use of stamp mounts Janet Klug 7/26/2010
Proper hinging techniques Janet Klug 7/12/2010
Postage due stamps Janet Klug 6/28/2010
For a new challenge Janet Klug 6/14/2010
Collecting Canada Rick Miller 5/31/2010
Local, regional and national Janet Klug 5/24/2010
Stamps with multiple Janet Klug 5/10/2010
Reminders of war Janet Klug 4/26/2010
Backs of stamps Janet Klug 4/12/2010
Stamp categories Rick Miller 3/29/2010
Tin Can Mail Janet Klug 3/22/2010
Printing methods and design Janet Klug 3/8/2010
Haiti's turbulent history Janet Klug 2/22/2010
Consider forming Janet Klug 2/8/2010
There are many different Janet Klug 1/25/2010
New Year's resolutions Janet Klug 1/11/2010
Bells on stamps Janet Klug 12/28/2009
First things first Rick Miller 12/14/2009
Inverted error stamps Janet Klug 11/30/2009
Broadening the hobby Janet Klug 11/23/2009
Ball with Cinderella Janet Klug 11/9/2009
Old letters Janet Klug 10/26/2009
Heads or tails? Janet Klug 10/12/2009
Stamp collectors Janet Klug 9/28/2009
People on stamps Janet Klug 9/14/2009
Define stamp terms Rick Miller 8/31/2009
Time to sell Janet Klug 8/24/2009
Genealogy Janet Klug 8/10/2009
Indonesia History Janet Klug 7/27/2009
Experience fun Janet Klug 7/13/2009
Collecting formats Rick Miller 6/29/2009
Italian occupation Janet Klug 6/22/2009
Belgian Congo Janet Klug 6/8/2009
Hyperinflationary period Janet Klug 5/25/2009
Collecting unusual stamps Janet Klug 5/11/2009
Servicing your own cacheted Janet Klug 4/27/2009
Dollar Box Covers Janet Klug 4/13/2009
Civil wars Rick Miller 3/30/2009
Becoming a mentor Janet Klug 3/23/2009
Favorite stamp Janet Klug 3/9/2009
Stamp clubs Janet Klug 2/23/2009
What exactly is Janet Klug 2/9/2009
A closer look Janet Klug 1/26/2009
New Year's Janet Klug 1/12/2009
Dead countries Rick Miller 12/29/2008
Tis the season Janet Klug 12/22/2008
Finding out Janet Klug 12/8/2008
Imposing order Janet Klug 11/24/2008
Stock Books Janet Klug 11/10/2008
Some stampy tips Janet Klug 10/27/2008
Collecting little bitty Janet Klug 10/13/2008
Many different Rick Miller 9/29/2008
Aliens and spaceships Janet Klug 9/22/2008
Souvenir Sheets Janet Klug 9/8/2008
Curiosities Janet Klug 8/25/2008
Free stamp albums Janet Klug 8/11/2008
Inexpensive Janet Klug 7/28/2008
Parade Janet Klug 7/14/2008
International Organizations Janet Klug 6/30/2008
Summertime Janet Klug 6/23/2008
Seek creative Janet Klug 6/9/2008
Back of Book Janet Klug 5/26/2008
Expositions Janet Klug 5/12/2008
Limits Janet Klug 4/28/2008
Unsoakable Janet Klug 4/14/2008
Quick Janet Klug 3/24/2008
Inexpensive Janet Klug 3/10/2008
Overprints Janet Klug 2/25/2008
Love stamps Janet Klug 2/11/2008
Ultimate Janet Klug 1/28/2008
Tangent Janet Klug 1/14/2008
Basic collecting terms Rick Miller 12/31/2007
Christmas Janet Klug 12/24/2007
Spice Janet Klug 12/10/2007
Teeth Janet Klug 11/26/2007
Veterans Day Janet Klug 11/12/2007
Evolution Rick Miller 10/29/2007
Hiding Janet Klug 10/22/2007
Confessions Janet Klug 10/8/2007
Step By Step Janet Klug 9/24/2007
Keys Janet Klug 9/10/2007
Cataloging Janet Klug 8/27/2007
Stamp Tips Janet Klug 8/13/2007
Scruffy Covers Janey Klug 7/23/2007
Covers Rick Miller 7/16/2007
Who's in Charge Janet Klug 7/9/2007
Organizing Janet Klug 6/25/2007
Tips Janet Klug 6/11/2007
Soakers Janet Klug 5/28/2007
Music Janet Klug 5/14/2007
Terminology Rick Miller 4/30/2007
Buying Internet Janet Klug 4/23/2007
Books, publishing Janet Klug 4/9/2007
Rules meant to be broken Janet Klug 3/26/2007
Cheap Thrills Janet Klug 3/12/2007
Advertising Covers Janet Klug 2/26/2007
Speed Mail Janet Klug 2/12/2007
Covers Rick Miller 1/29/2007
Calendar Janet Klug 1/22/2007
Hinging Janet Klug 1/8/2007
Toy Stamps Janet Klug 12/25/2006
Kingdom Janet Klug 12/11/2006
French Colonial Janet Klug 11/27/2006
Quickly Janet Klug 11/13/2006
Railway Rick Miller 10/30/2006
Hungarian Janet Klug 10/23/2006
Penmanship Janet Klug 10/9/2006
Social Janet Klug 9/25/2006
Mentor Janet Klug 9/11/2006
Collecting Rick Miller 9/4/2006
Political Janet Klug 8/28/2006
Surfing Janet Klug 8/14/2006
Mini Rick Miller 8/7/2006
Get Started Joe Kennedy 7/31/2006
Stylish Janet Klug 7/24/2006
Album Janet Klug 7/10/2006
Exhibit Janet Klug 6/26/2006
Literature Janet Klug 6/12/2006
Whole World Michael Titford 5/29/2006
Most Ordinary Janet Klug 5/22/2006
Washington 2006 Janet Klug 5/8/2006
Step-by-step Janet Klug 4/24/2006
Pictures Janet Klug 3/27/2006
Worth Joe Kennedy 10/31/2005
Special stamps Rick Miller 10/24/2005
British Ovperprints Janet Klug 10/17/2005
Twins Janet Klug 10/3/2005
Condition Rick Miller 9/26/2005
Reign Janet Klug 9/19/2005
Condition Rick Miller 9/12/2005
Human Janet Klug 9/5/2005
BOB Joe Kennedy 8/29/2005
Hero Rick Miller 8/22/2005
Ministudy Janet Klug 8/15/2005
Fakes Rick Miller 8/8/2005
Collect Janet Klug 8/1/2005
Dead letter Rick Miller 7/25/2005
French colonialism Janet Klug 7/18/2005
Terms H to W Rick Miller 7/11/2005
Covers collecting Rick Miller 6/27/2005
African adventures Janet Klug 6/20/2005
Seebeck Rick Miller 6/13/2005
Current Events Janet Klug 6/6/2005
Topical Joe Kennedy 5/30/2005
Vichey Rick Miller 5/23/2005
Washington Janet Klug 5/16/2005
Hyperinflation Rick Miller 5/9/2005
Soaking Janet Klug 5/2/2005
Possessions Rick Miller 4/25/2005
Dollar Janet Klug 4/18/2005
Separation Rick Miller 4/11/2005
Auctions Janet Klug 4/4/2005
Country Rick Miller 3/28/2005
One Janet Klug 3/21/2005
Regional Rick Miller 3/14/2005
Two Bits Janet Klug 3/7/2005
Fees Rick Miller 2/28/2005
Postal Janet Klug 2/21/2005
Revenues Rick Miller 2/14/2005
BCOF Janet Klug 2/7/2005
Nickel Box Joe Kennedy 1/31/2005
Nondenominated Rick Miller 1/24/2005
Little Countries Janet Klug 1/17/2005
Special Delivery Rick Miller 1/10/2005
Flashy Janet Klug 1/3/2005
Special Delivery Rick Miller 12/27/2004
Christmas Favorites Janet Klug 12/20/2004
Paquebot Rick Miller 12/13/2004
Australia Janet Klug 12/6/2004
Cataloging Joe Kennedy 11/29/2004
Service Rick Miller 11/22/2004
Buying and Sorting Janet Klug 11/15/2004
Add stamp Rick Miller 11/8/2004
Halloween Janet Klug 11/1/2004
Collecting Postcards Rick Miller 10/25/2004
Topicals Janet Klug 10/18/2004
Postcards Rick Miller 10/11/2004
Completion Janet Klug 10/4/2004
Joint Issues Rick Miller 9/27/2004
Security Janet Klug 9/20/2004
Multiples Rick Miller 9/13/2004
Sleuthing Janet Klug 9/6/2004
Tips Joe Kenndy 8/30/2004
Mount Rick Miller 8/23/2004
Frugal Janet Klug 8/16/2004
Postage Rick Miller 8/9/2004
Myths Janet Klug 8/2/2004
Polo Rick Miller 7/26/2004
Soak Janet Klug 7/19/2004
Acronyms Rick Miller 7/12/2004
Funny Janet Klug 7/5/2004
Franchise Rick Miller 6/28/2004
Provisionals Janet Klug 6/21/2004
Portuguese colonies Rick Miller 6/14/2004
Australian States Janet Klug 6/7/2004
Catalog listings Rick Miller 5/31/2004
Illegal Rick Miller 5/24/2004
Saving Janet Klug 5/17/2004
Mixtures Rick Miller 5/10/2004
Connect Janet Klug 5/3/2004
British denominations Rick Miller 4/26/2004
True Value Janet Klug 4/19/2004
Catalog Rick Miller 4/12/2004
Exhibiting Janet Klug 4/5/2004
ABC's Joe Kennedy 3/29/2004
Expertization Rick Miller 3/22/2004
Expand Janet Klug 3/15/2004
Hawaii Rick Miller 3/8/2004
Specialized Janet Klug 3/1/2004
World Rick Miller 2/23/2004
FDCs Janet Klug 2/16/2004
Newspaper Rick Miller 2/9/2004
POW Janet Klug 2/2/2004
Alphabet Rick Miller 1/26/2004
Myriad Janet Klug 1/19/2004
Railway Rick Miller 1/12/2004
Resolutions Janet Klug 1/5/2004
Auxiliary Robert C. Danzer 12/29/2003
Nondenominated Rick Miller 12/22/2003
Polars Janet Klug 12/15/2003
Perfins Rick Miller 12/8/2003
How to Janet klug 12/1/2003
Grade Rick Miller 11/24/2003
Registered mail Janet Klug 11/17/2003
Civil Wars Rick Miller 11/10/2003
Locals include Janet Klug 11/3/2003
Machin stamps Rick Miller 10/27/2003
Cry havoc Janet Klug 10/20/2003
The road less traveled Rick Miller 10/13/2003
Want lists Janet Klug 10/6/2003
Auxiliary Markings Robert C. Danzer 9/29/2003
Collecting fun Rick Miller 9/22/2003
Newspaper stamps Janet Klug 9/15/2003
Specialty societies Rick Miller 9/8/2003
Internet resources Janet Klug 9/1/2003
Specialty societies Rick Miller 8/25/2003
Stamp paper Janet Klug 8/18/2003
Offices abroad Rick Miller 8/11/2003
Two-part stamps Janet Klug 8/4/2003
Terminology Rick Miller 7/28/2003
Fakes and forgeries Janet Klug 7/21/2003
Precanceled stamps Rick Miller 7/14/2003
War tax stamps Janet Klug 7/7/2003
U.S. naval covers John P. Young 6/30/2003
Stamps of free cities Rick Miller 6/23/2003
Postage stamp booklets Janet Klug 6/16/2003
Offices in China Rick Miller 6/9/2003
Common Designs Janet Klug 6/2/2003
Plebiscites Rick Miller 5/26/2003
Worldwide Janet Klug 5/19/2003
Postage dues Rick Miller 5/12/2003
State topics Janet Klug 5/5/2003
Coil stamps Rick Miller 4/28/2003
Stamp terminology Janet Klug 4/21/2003
Stamp classifications Rick Miller 4/14/2003
Collecting options Janet Klug 4/7/2003
Killer cancels J.H. Krulla 3/31/2003
Essays and proofs Rick Miller 3/24/2003
Stamps for St. Patrick's Day Janet Klug 3/17/2003
Symbols help identify stamps Rick Miller 3/10/2003
Australian KGV stamps Janet Klug 3/3/2003
Semiofficial airmail stamps Rick Miller 2/24/2003
Postage stamp gum Janet Klug 2/17/2003
Airmail history Rick Miller 2/10/2003
Stamp collection value Janet Klug 2/3/2003
Conservation stamps Rachel Supinger 1/27/2003
Wrecking a stamp collection Janet Klug 1/20/2003
Cinderella stamps Rick Miller 1/13/2003
Patriotic covers Janet Klug 1/6/2003
Cancels J.H. Krulla 12/30/2002
Americana Rachel Supinger 12/23/2002
Defining a complete collection Janet Klug 12/16/2002
Fascist principles on stamps Rick Miller 12/9/2002
Holiday gift suggestions Janet Klug 12/2/2002
Collectible Rachel Supinger 11/25/2002
Buying from postal administrations Janet Klug 11/18/2002
Revenue stamps Rick Miller 11/11/2002
Printing methods Rachel Supinger 11/4/2002
Redirected, returned mail Janet Klug 10/28/2002
Use MS Word for pages Janet Klug 10/21/2002
Military postal history Rick Miller 10/14/2002
Censored covers Janet Klug 10/7/2002
Airmail stamps Rick Miller 9/30/2002
Postmarks Rachel Supinger 9/23/2002
Aussie 'Roo stamps Janet Klug 9/16/2002
Back of the book Rick Miller 9/9/2002
Humorous stamps Janet Klug 9/2/2002
Scented stamps Rachel Supinger 8/26/2002
Collecting on a budget Janet Klug 8/19/2002
Overprinted Soviet stamps Rick Miller 8/12/2002
Clutter control Janet Klug 8/5/2002
One-cover collection J.H. Krulla 7/29/2002
Color identification Kathleen Wunderly 7/22/2002
Souvenir sheets Rachel Supinger 7/15/2002
Special stamps Rick Miller 7/8/2002
Perforations Janet Klug 7/1/2002
Universal Postal Union Kathleen Wunderly 6/24/2002
Covers, naval Rachel Supinger 6/17/2002
Aviation topical Rick Miller 6/10/2002
Surcharges, overprints Janet Klug 6/3/2002
Press sheets Kathleen Wunderly 5/27/2002
Space fillers Rachel Supinger 5/20/2002
Nicknames, stamp Rick Miller 5/13/2002
Postmarks, cancels Janet Klug 5/6/2002
State revenues Scott Troutman 4/29/2002
Building a collection Kathleen Wunderly 4/22/2002
Focusing your collection Rachel Supinger 4/15/2002
Offices abroad Rick Miller 4/8/2002
Postmarks, cancels Janet Klug 4/1/2002
APRL Kathleen Wunderly 3/25/2002
Stamp leftovers Rachel Supinger 3/18/2002
Dead countries Rick Miller 3/11/2002
Clubs and societies Janet Klug 3/4/2002
Stamp rarities Kathleen Wunderly 2/25/2002
Self-adhesives Rachel Supinger 2/18/2002
Postal stationery Rick Miller 2/11/2002
Back of the book Janet Klug 2/4/2002
Canceled to order Kathleen Wunderly 1/28/2002
Stamp production Rachel Supinger 1/21/2002
Postal stationery Rick Miller 1/14/2002
Tools, stamp Janet Klug 1/7/2002
Nondenominated stamps Jennifer York 12/31/2001
Postal codes Kathleen Wunderly 12/24/2001
Terms, stamp Rachel Supinger 12/17/2001
Catalogs, stamp Rick Miller 12/10/2001
Christmas topical Janet Klug 12/3/2001
Marginal markings Kathleen Wunderly 11/26/2001
Covers, self-serviced Rick Miller 11/19/2001
Stamp catalogs Rick Miller 11/12/2001
Covers tell stories Janet Klug 11/5/2001
Commonwealth of Independent States Rick Miller 10/29/2001
Official Mail Kathleen Wunderly 10/22/2001
Stamp information sources Rachel Supinger 10/15/2001
Postal tax stamps Rick Miller 10/8/2001
Stamp reference library Janet Klug 10/1/2001
Perfins Kathleen Wunderly 9/24/2001
First-day covers Rachel Supinger 9/17/2001
Semipostals Rick Miller 9/10/2001
Buying stamps Janet Klug 9/3/2001
Identifying stamps Kathleen Wunderly 8/27/2001
APS seminar Charles Snee 8/20/2001
Errors, freaks and oddities Rick Miller 8/13/2001
Mixtures Janet Klug 8/6/2001
Examining stamps Denise McCarty 7/30/2001
Mounts and hinges Kathleen Wunderly 7/23/2001
Rates, postal Rob Haeseler 7/16/2001
Stamp shows Charles Snee 7/9/2001
Postal history Rachel Supinger 7/2/2001
Topics and themes Denise McCarty 6/25/2001
Postal souvenirs Rob Haeseler 6/18/2001
Stamp shows Charles Snee 6/11/2001
Cover collecting Michael Schreiber 6/4/2001
Catalogs, stamp Denise McCarty 5/28/2001
Advertising on stamps Denise McCarty 5/21/2001
Soaking stamps Charles Snee 5/14/2001
Printing, stamp Michael Schreiber 5/7/2001
Cover collecting Michael Schreiber 4/30/2001
Stamp glut of 1948 Rob Haeseler 4/23/2001
Stamp glut of 1948 Rob Haeseler 4/16/2001
Selvage Charles Snee 4/9/2001
Albums Michael Schreiber 4/2/2001
Topics and themes Michael Baadke 3/26/2001
Joint issues Michael Baadke 3/19/2001
Dead countries Michael Baadke 3/12/2001
Self-adhesives Michael Baadke 3/5/2001
Rare stamps Michael Baadke 2/26/2001
Postal history Michael Baadke 2/19/2001
Covers, stampless Michael Baadke 2/12/2001
Collecting topics Michael Baadke 2/5/2001
Handling stamps Michael Baadke 1/29/2001
Stamp formats Michael Baadke 1/22/2001
Affordable collections Michael Baadke 1/15/2001
Stamp souvenirs Michael Baadke 1/8/2001
Presidents and stamps Michael Baadke 1/1/2001
Selling your stamps Michael Baadke 12/25/2000
Worldwide collecting Michael Baadke 12/18/2000
Christmas stamps, postmarks Michael Baadke 12/11/2000
Fakes and forgeries Michael Baadke 12/4/2000
Great Britain Machins Michael Baadke 11/27/2000
U.S. definitives Michael Baadke 11/20/2000
Exhibiting Michael Baadke 11/13/2000
Finding stamps Michael Baadke 11/6/2000
Airmail collecting Michael Baadke 10/30/2000
Perforation varieties Michael Baadke 10/23/2000
Press sheets Michael Baadke 10/16/2000
National symbols Michael Baadke 10/9/2000
Terminology Michael Baadke 10/2/2000
Booklets Michael Baadke 9/25/2000
Back of the book Michael Baadke 9/18/2000
Want lists Michael Baadke 9/11/2000
Rarities Michael Baadke 9/4/2000
Clubs and societies Michael Baadke 8/28/2000
Postal stationery Michael Baadke 8/21/2000
Coil stamps Michael Baadke 8/14/2000
Coil stamps Michael Baadke 8/7/2000
Definitives and commemoratives Michael Baadke 7/31/2000
Denominations Michael Baadke 7/24/2000
Clubs and exhibiting Michael Baadke 7/17/2000
Watermarks Michael Baadke 7/10/2000
Postage dues Michael Baadke 7/3/2000
Souvenir sheets Michael Baadke 6/26/2000
Stamp design innovations Michael Baadke 6/19/2000
Revenue stamps Michael Baadke 6/12/2000
Security features Michael Baadke 6/5/2000
Accessories Michael Baadke 5/29/2000
Starting a collection Michael Baadke 5/22/2000
International Reply Coupons Michael Baadke 5/15/2000
Abbreviations Michael Baadke 5/8/2000
Stamps-on-stamps Michael Baadke 5/1/2000
Se-tenant stamps Michael Baadke 4/24/2000
United Nations Michael Baadke 4/17/2000
Terms, collecting Michael Baadke 4/10/2000
Special delivery Michael Baadke 4/3/2000
Determining stamp worth Michael Baadke 3/27/2000
Mounts and hinges Michael Baadke 3/20/2000
Formats, collectible Michael Baadke 3/13/2000
Let's play Michael Baadke 3/6/2000
Handling stamps Michael Baadke 2/28/2000
Auctions Michael Baadke 2/21/2000
Questions and answers Michael Baadke 2/14/2000
Stamps of Lundy Michael Baadke 2/7/2000
Vending-machine stamps Michael Baadke 1/31/2000
Sets and series Michael Baadke 1/17/2000
Collector vs. philatelist Michael Baadke 1/10/2000
Resolutions for collectors Michael Baadke 1/3/2000
Topics and themes Michael Baadke 12/27/1999
Errors, freaks and oddities Michael Baadke 12/20/1999
Errors, freaks and oddities Michael Baadke 12/13/1999
Postal stationery Michael Baadke 12/6/1999
Stock books Michael Baadke 11/29/1999
Postal reforms Michael Baadke 11/22/1999
New-issue collecting Michael Baadke 11/15/1999
Prestige booklets Michael Baadke 11/8/1999
Catalogs, stamp Michael Baadke 11/1/1999
Catalogs, stamp Michael Baadke 10/25/1999
Nondenominated stamps Michael Baadke 10/18/1999
Covers, stampless Michael Baadke 10/11/1999
Plate numbers Michael Baadke 10/4/1999
Stamp elements Michael Baadke 9/27/1999
Soaking stamps Michael Baadke 9/20/1999
Y2K Michael Baadke 9/13/1999
Postal regulations Michael Baadke 9/6/1999
Abbreviations Michael Baadke 8/30/1999
Universal Postal Union Michael Baadke 8/23/1999
First-day covers Michael Baadke 8/16/1999
Albums Michael Baadke 8/9/1999
There's no limit Michael Baadke 8/2/1999
Postmarks Michael Baadke 7/26/1999
Where to begin Michael Baadke 7/19/1999
Space fillers Michael Baadke 7/12/1999
Catalog numbers Michael Baadke 7/5/1999
Approvals Michael Baadke 6/28/1999
Stamp shows Michael Baadke 6/21/1999
Booklets Michael Baadke 6/14/1999
Airmail stamps Michael Baadke 6/7/1999
Formats, collectible Michael Baadke 5/31/1999
Self-adhesives Michael Baadke 5/24/1999
Stamp identification Michael Baadke 5/17/1999
Postmarks and cancellations Michael Baadke 5/10/1999
Overprints Michael Baadke 5/3/1999
Stamp publications Michael Baadke 4/26/1999
Stamp faults Michael Baadke 4/19/1999
Organizing a collection Michael Baadke 4/12/1999
Obtaining stamps Michael Baadke 4/5/1999
Clubs and societies Michael Baadke 3/29/1999
Stamp grading Michael Baadke 3/22/1999
APS seminar Michael Baadke 3/15/1999
Collecting possibilities Michael Baadke 3/8/1999
Official Mail Michael Baadke 3/1/1999
Topics and themes Michael Baadke 2/22/1999
Cover collecting Michael Baadke 2/15/1999
Mounts and hinges Michael Baadke 2/8/1999
Omnibus issues Michael Baadke 2/1/1999
Joint issues Michael Baadke 1/25/1999
Plate blocks Michael Baadke 1/18/1999
Plate blocks Michael Baadke 1/11/1999
Plate blocks Michael Baadke 1/4/1999
Plate blocks Michael Baadke 12/28/1998
Specializing Michael Baadke 12/21/1998
Parcel post stamps Michael Baadke 12/14/1998
Terminology Michael Baadke 12/7/1998
Special stamps Michael Baadke 11/30/1998
Definitives and commemoratives Michael Baadke 11/23/1998
Postal stationery Michael Baadke 11/16/1998
Stamps on cover Michael Baadke 11/9/1998
Stamp separation Michael Baadke 11/2/1998
Perforation varieties Michael Baadke 10/26/1998
Stamp separation Michael Baadke 10/19/1998
Mixtures and packets Michael Baadke 10/12/1998
Watermarks Michael Baadke 10/5/1998
National Stamp Collecting Month Michael Baadke 9/28/1998
Collecting basics Michael Baadke 9/21/1998
Basic collecting Michael Baadke 9/14/1998
Think twice Michael Baadke 9/7/1998
Collecting basics Michael Baadke 8/31/1998
First-day ceremonies Michael Baadke 8/24/1998
Auctions Michael Baadke 8/17/1998
Country collecting Michael Baadke 8/10/1998
Postal history Michael Baadke 8/3/1998
Cinderellas Michael Baadke 7/27/1998
Cinderellas Michael Baadke 7/20/1998
Semipostals Michael Baadke 7/13/1998
Plate number coils Michael Baadke 7/6/1998
Accessories Michael Baadke 6/29/1998
Errors, freaks and oddities Michael Baadke 6/22/1998
USPS history Michael Baadke 6/15/1998
Questions and answers Michael Baadke 6/8/1998
Se-tenant stamps Michael Baadke 6/1/1998
Vending-machine stamps Michael Baadke 5/25/1998
Terminology Michael Baadke 5/18/1998
Canceled to order Michael Baadke 5/11/1998
Souvenir sheets Michael Baadke 5/4/1998
Postal products Michael Baadke 4/27/1998
Topics and themes Michael Baadke 4/20/1998
Building a collection Michael Baadke 4/13/1998
Official seals Michael Baadke 4/6/1998
Postcards vs. postal cards Michael Baadke 3/9/1998
Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee Michael Baadke 3/2/1998
Stamp elements Michael Baadke 2/23/1998
Learning through stamps Michael Baadke 2/16/1998
Precancels Michael Baadke 2/9/1998
Collecting basics Michael Baadke 2/2/1998
Perfins Michael Baadke 1/26/1998
Specializing Michael Baadke 1/19/1998
Soaking stamps Michael Baadke 1/12/1998
History through stamps Michael Baadke 1/5/1998
Stamp types Michael Baadke 10/13/1997
Rate-change stamps Michael Baadke 10/6/1997
Cover elements Michael Baadke 9/22/1997