Postal Updates

April 23, 2017 05:00 PM

USPS offers pictorial postmark commemorating U.S. entry into World War I

The artwork on the square or diamond-shape postmark shows a WWI-era biplane in flight with rocky peaks in the background. Three stars are featured in the upper point of the postmark.

US Stamps

April 23, 2017 02:00 PM

Tell us what the submarine commander on this stamp might be thinking

Your challenge for the May cartoon caption contest. Put yourself at the periscope on the 29¢ Officer at Periscope stamp from the 1994 Road to Victory pane of 10 that was part of the World War II series.

World Stamps

April 22, 2017 07:00 PM

Rosenblum launches series to celebrate Britain’s Machin stamps’ 50th anniversary

The definitives, one of the longest-running series of regular stamp issues, feature British artist Arnold Machin’s sculpted portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

World Stamps

April 22, 2017 02:00 PM

Finlandia 2017 souvenir sheet celebrates philatelist jeweler Agathon Faberge

Collectors from more than 40 countries will participate in this exhibition, being held under Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA) patronage and with International Federation of Philately (FIP) recognition.

World Stamps

April 22, 2017 09:00 AM

The United Nations World Heritage Sites booklet worth pursuing

Modern U.N. booklets all have the World Heritage Sites theme. They are beautiful, and the stamps inside can only be acquired by buying the booklets.

US Stamps

April 22, 2017 07:00 AM

Here’s all you need to know about second U.S. stamp for Henry David Thoreau

The nondenominated (49¢) Henry David Thoreau stamp will be welcomed with an 11 a.m. first-day ceremony at Walden Pond State Reservation Visitors Center, 915 Walden St., Concord, Mass.

World Stamps

April 21, 2017 07:00 PM

United Nations continues long-running Endangered Species series

The U.N. stamps will be issued in panes of 16, each with four se-tenant (side-by-side) designs. There is a separate pane for each U.N. post office.

World Stamps

April 21, 2017 05:00 PM

Machins retain consistency over 50 years amid continual change

Why has the Machin design endured and thrived for five decades? There are several reasons.

US Stamps

April 21, 2017 03:00 PM

There was a time when U.S. stamps were valid on U.N. mail

The United Nations Postal Administration issues its own stamps for use from the post office at U.N. headquarters in New York City, but there was a time when United States stamps were used on U.N. mail.

US Stamps

April 21, 2017 09:00 AM

2012 Four Flag coil stamps counterfeited, rare Jefferson stamp heads to auction: Week’s Most Read

In other top stories, we learn it took quite some time for John Jay, the first chief justice of the Supreme Court, to appear on a U.S. stamp, and a new Flag For All Seasons coil error was sold on eBay.

US Stamps

April 20, 2017 05:00 PM

Mailed envelopes illustrate two types of nonprofit discounted rates

To qualify for these special discount rates, at least 200 identical pieces, or 20 pounds of identical pieces, must be in a special bulk/quantity-discount rate mailing.

US Stamps

April 19, 2017 07:00 PM

The fiery 1910 train crash behind a ‘Delayed in Wreck’ postal marking

Unless there was major loss of human life, it’s frequently difficult to ferret out much information about an incident — and that’s if we’re lucky enough to have some sort of auxiliary marking connected with an event. Such is the case with the postcard illustrated nearby.

US Stamps

April 18, 2017 09:15 AM

There was once a time when postage played a big part in Hollywood

The text on the back of this particular postcard reads in part: “Earl Carroll’s, the favorite gathering place of celebrities from stage and screen, is located in the heart of romantic Hollywood.


April 17, 2017 01:30 PM

Rare 1858 5¢ Jefferson highlights May 2-4 Kelleher sale

Worldwide stamps and postal history, including Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, are featured on the first day of the three-day auction.

US Stamps

April 17, 2017 01:00 PM

New type of Flag For All Seasons coil error sold on eBay

After more than a quarter of a century of normal production of so-called “sticks” of United States coil stamps, a new type of error recently surfaced.

US Stamps

April 17, 2017 08:00 AM

1934 3¢ Mother’s Day stamp played an important role in U.S. stamp history

The BEP printed the stamps on two presses. More than 193 million stamps were printed on the Bureau’s rotary press, and more than 15 million stamps were printed on the flat-plate press.

World Stamps

April 15, 2017 03:00 PM

French, Spanish and Manx stamps depict different styles of dancing

The French aren't alone when it comes to celebrations. The Spanish and Celtic nations are honoring their respective national gatherings on new issues, as well.

Postal Updates

April 15, 2017 02:00 PM

Congress’ ugly history with the USPS, along with a memorable caption contest: Week’s Most Read

This week also saw a cuddly souvenir sheet from the UN depicting Australian animals, along with an under-the-radar Spanish set that might interest collectors.


April 15, 2017 08:00 AM

Harmers International May 12 auction in New York City

Oftentimes, such forgeries begin with a genuine stamp on a genuine cover, to which some artful enhancement has been made. Example of each will be offered.

US Stamps

April 14, 2017 07:30 PM

Four Flags coil stamps latest issue to be counterfeited; one bogus version more convincing than its competitor

Of the two counterfeit versions of the Sennett-produced Four Flags coil stamps, one is a crude, easily spotted mimic of the genuine issue, while the other is a dead-on lookalike that would fool many collectors.