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February 12, 2016 10:54 AM

Tip of the week: Newfoundland 1937 King George VI set

On May 12, 1937, Newfoundland issued a set of 11 stamps with designs showing scenes of Newfoundland with an inset portrait of King George VI (Scott 233-243).

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February 12, 2016 09:30 AM

Moon global forever stamp to be issued Feb. 22 in panes of 10

The nondenominated ($1.20) Moon global forever stamp for international letter mail will be issued in panes of 10 on Feb. 22, according to the United States Postal Service.


February 12, 2016 08:36 AM

Sparks to auction rare unused variety of Canada 15¢ gray Large Queen

A rare unused variety of the Canada 15¢ gray Large Queen stamp from the 1868 series will be offered at auction March 1 by Sparks Auctions of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The upcoming Sparks auction is scheduled for March 1-3.

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February 12, 2016 06:45 AM

Guidebook pulls together 2012-15 U.S. stamps from imperforate press sheets

In 2012, the United States Postal Service began selling uncut press sheets of selected commemorative and definitive stamps that had no die cuts between the stamps. Imperforate stamps from these press sheets were initially footnoted (along with values) in the Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers.

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February 12, 2016 03:30 AM

Born Feb. 12: Omar N. Bradley

Gen. Omar N. Bradley led the American forces during the 1944 D-Day invasion of Normandy, France. He would later serve as chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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February 11, 2016 09:15 PM

Stamps honor 500th anniversary of organized mail service in Britain

Great Britain’s Royal Mail is celebrating 500 years of regular, organized mail service in 2016, and is issuing 10 stamps Feb. 17 to commemorate developments in its postal service. A booklet and other items are being released the next day, Feb. 18. The stamp set is called Royal Mail 500.

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February 11, 2016 05:09 PM

Stamps trace evolution of Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes

The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, a name expressing more truth than poetry, arose out of the ashes of World War I as a marriage of convenience. It issued stamps from 1918 until the name of the country was officially changed to Yugoslavia (land of the Southern Slavs) on Oct. 3, 1929.

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February 11, 2016 04:05 PM

Trade cards picture 19th-century U.S. stamps

As a fan of 19th-century trade cards that depict United States stamps, I’m pleased to share two examples of what appear at first glance to be the same card. The cards have the same margin design and show the same four stamps from the definitive series of 1870-71. However, they are not the same.

Postal Updates

February 11, 2016 02:43 PM

USPS posted $1.3 billion first-quarter profit, 10¢ stamp only available for $50: Week's Most Read

Also this week, the USPS made public how it would cut stamp prices if its plea to retain emergency rate increases continues to be rejected, and a spectacular and seldom-seen error went for a six-figure price.

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February 11, 2016 03:32 PM

Mode of transport for 1934 ‘OWL Mail’ cover revealed

Thanks to the many Linn’s readers who wrote in with answers to the meaning of “OWL Mail” on the 1934 cover shown in the U.S. Stamp Notes column in the Sept. 14, 2015, issue of Linn’s. I had requested help from readers in decoding the meaning of the term.

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February 11, 2016 01:27 PM

Yorba Linda postmark commemorates Richard Nixon, marks $1 coin release

A March 1 postmark from Yorba Linda, Calif., commemorates Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States. The Richard Nixon postmark is being offered almost one month after the release of the Richard Nixon $1 coin, which was issued by the U.S. Mint on Feb. 3.

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February 11, 2016 01:08 PM

APS board nominates Stephen Reinhard to fill FIP vacancy

Stephen Reinhard, the president of the American Philatelic Society, has been nominated by the APS board of directors to fill an upcoming vacancy on the board of directors of the International Federation of Philately (FIP).

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February 11, 2016 12:30 AM

Lion dance at Year of the Monkey first-day ceremony in Queens, N.Y.

On a snowy morning in early February, I attended the United States Postal Service’s first-day-of-issue ceremony for the Year of the Monkey stamp in Queens, N.Y. This stamp is the ninth Lunar New Year issue in the second series (2008-2019) beautifully designed by Ethel Kessler featuring original art by Kam Mak.

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February 11, 2016 10:59 AM

A brief celebration of covers postmarked on Leap Day, Feb. 29

In anticipation of this day that usually comes around once every four years, I pulled my Leap Day folder from my filing cabinet of modern U.S. postal history. Inside were about a dozen or so covers, with Leap Day postmarks spanning roughly 120 years.

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February 11, 2016 09:08 AM

How to win a free two-night stay at World Stamp Show-NY 2016: Linn’s Buzz

The American Stamp Dealers Association is giving away a two-night stay in New York City during World Stamp Show-NY 2016 at its show this weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. The ASDA Winter Postage Stamp Show runs Feb. 12-14 at the War Memorial Auditorium at 800 NE 8th St. in Ft. Lauderdale. Admission is free.

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February 11, 2016 09:45 AM

More stamps on TV’s Jeopardy!

The popular television game show Jeopardy! is featuring a stamp on two consecutive Monday episodes: Feb. 1 and Feb. 8.

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February 11, 2016 08:58 AM

Linn’s new digital edition is vastly improved

On Feb. 2, Linn’s introduced its new, much improved digital edition. We already are receiving favorable comments from our subscribers. The digital version of Linn’s is powered by Olive Software Inc.

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February 11, 2016 03:30 AM

Born Feb. 11: Josiah Willard Gibbs

American scientist Josiah Willard Gibbs was called "the greatest mind in American history" by Albert Einstein. Gibbs held the position of professor of mathematical physics at Yale.

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February 10, 2016 01:31 PM

United Nations issues Free & Equal stamps for worldwide LGBT equality

Six new stamps from the United Nations Postal Administration promote a public education campaign to raise awareness for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equality. The name of the campaign “Free & Equal” is inscribed on each of the six UNPA stamps issued Feb. 5.

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February 10, 2016 10:20 AM

India Post dedicates ‘all-women’ post office: Linn’s Buzz

On Feb. 3, an all-women post office was dedicated and opened as a in the Indian town of Singjamei in the Manipur province, according to In addition to having a female postmaster and staff, reports, “This Sub Post Office serves postal and financial requirements of [a] large number of people, among them [a] majority are women.”

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February 10, 2016 08:00 AM

Jordan’s UPU issue overprinted ‘Palestine’ has many varieties to pursue

On May 14, 1948, following the proclamation of the state of Israel, the armed forces (the Arab Legion) of Jordan entered Palestine and occupied an area of the Palestinian territories. Jordan was able to seize the old city of Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Jenin, and Tulkarm among others.

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February 10, 2016 03:30 AM

Born Feb. 10: William Allen White

A popular writer and Pulitzer Prize winner, William Allen White often promoted small town values in commentaries published in his Kansas newspaper, the Emporia Gazette.

Postal Updates

February 09, 2016 11:11 AM

U.S. Postal Service reports $1.3 billion profit in first quarter

Helped by a surge of Christmas parcels, the United States Postal Service reported an operating profit of $1.3 billion in the first quarter of fiscal 2016, which ended Dec. 31, 2015. That compares to a $1.1 billion operating profit during the same period of fiscal 2015 (Oct. 1, 2014, to Dec. 31, 2014).


February 09, 2016 08:00 AM

Cherrystone auction Feb. 23-24 offers worldwide stamps and covers

Cherrystone Philatelic Auctioneers will present a two-day sale at its 57th Street gallery in New York City. The public auction sessions will take place Feb. 23-24, with online bidding available.

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February 09, 2016 03:30 AM

Born Feb. 9: William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison, the ninth president of the United States, was the first to die in office. His term was the shortest of any president in history.

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February 08, 2016 08:00 AM

Four countries feature exotic mineral specimens on stamps

France’s La Poste issued a booklet of 12 stamps Jan. 7 called Mineral World. The stamps picture minerals from the collection of the Mineralogy Museum at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris. This engineering school is often referred to as MINES ParisTech.

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February 08, 2016 03:30 AM

Born Feb. 8: James Dean

Before his death in a car crash at age 24 in 1955, James Dean found fame starring in the films East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, and Giant.

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February 07, 2016 02:00 PM

Revised edition of ‘UPU Specimen Stamps 1878-1961’ a must have

The 2015 revised edition of James Bendon's UPU Specimen Stamps 1878-1961 will be the go-to reference work on this subject for decades to come.

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February 07, 2016 07:00 AM

‘The Million Dollar Duck’ a hit at Slamdance Film Festival: Linns Buzz

Directed by Brian Golden Davis, The Million Dollar Duck profiles the highly competitive Federal Duck Stamp Contest, the only juried art competition run by the U.S. government.

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February 07, 2016 03:30 AM

Born Feb. 7: Eubie Blake

Eubie Blake entertained America throughout much of the 20th century, as a legend of ragtime and jazz music, and as a popular Broadway composer.

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February 06, 2016 03:00 PM

APS board approves five-year strategic plan

The plan, described in detail by APS Executive Director Scott English during the Jan. 28 APS board meeting in Atlanta, Ga., begins with a significant $10 million target.

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February 06, 2016 07:00 AM

Australian ‘emergency’ stamps hot on eBay, well-known artist's stamp designs profiled: Week's Most Read

Also this week, we preview an Eastern Auctions sale that covers the world, John Hotchner gets a belly laugh from a reader's expertizing inquiry, and the late prolific stamp artist Howard Koslow is remembered.

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February 06, 2016 03:30 AM

Born Feb. 6: Ronald Reagan

The 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, was born Feb. 6, 1911. After a successful career as a film star, Reagan was elected governor of California in 1966.


February 05, 2016 03:45 PM

Back-of-the-book items and much more at Feb. 20-21 Rasdale auction

The Feb. 20-21 public auction by Rasdale at its Illinois gallery west of Chicago provides a lot of opportunities for collection builders, with an extensive selection of dealer stocks, accumulations and collections, as well as cover collections from the United States and other countries.

Postal Updates

February 05, 2016 03:26 PM

End to emergency rate increase could drop first-class stamp to 47¢

When the Senate Homeland Security Committee got around to holding a hearing on the future of the United States Postal Service on Jan. 21, Postmaster General Megan Brennan spoke of a “broad consensus” that could resolve the Postal Service’s financial woes.

US Stamps

February 05, 2016 11:13 AM

January cartoon caption winner has a ‘karat’ nose

The Pinocchio effect energized many of the Linn’s readers who entered the January cartoon caption contest featuring the carrot-nosed snowman on the 1993 29¢ Christmas stamp (Scott 2793).

US Stamps

February 05, 2016 10:52 AM

Clown Lou Jacobs inspiration for 5¢ American Circus stamp

Cover collecting has many facets, and one of the ways that United States stamp collectors can dip into that well is to find covers from companies that relate to stamp issues.

US Stamps

February 05, 2016 08:57 AM

The case of the inverted and reversed 1¢ Washington coil stamp

I enjoy “How did this happen?” questions from Linn’s readers. Sending in what looks to be a production flaw on a U.S. stamp, the reader sometimes seems to be asking, “Can I stump you with this?”

US Stamps

February 05, 2016 08:00 AM

How to spend $50 for a 10¢ stamp, courtesy of the USPS

Collectors of coil stamps and plate-number coils will get sticker shock when they order the 2016 10¢ Red Pears definitive coil stamp issued by the United States Postal Service Jan. 17.

US Stamps

February 05, 2016 08:00 AM

Online voting open for 2015 U.S. stamp popularity poll

Online voting is available for Linn's 2015 U.S. stamp popularity poll. In 2015, the United States Postal Service issued 100 face-different stamps and postal stationery items. It was the smallest annual total since the 60 produced by the USPS in 1990. However, the year’s count rises to 162 when it includes imperforates — stamps without die cuts — from uncut press sheets of conventionally issued stamps, which the USPS offers for sale on a limited basis at face value.

US Stamps

February 05, 2016 03:30 AM

Born Feb. 5: Robert Peel

Born Feb. 5, 1788, Robert Peel would serve as prime minister of the United Kingdom on two occasions. He is featured on a 2014 stamp honoring 10 British prime ministers.


February 04, 2016 04:08 PM

Gaertner auction in Germany includes 1863 Wurttemberg Coat of Arms block

The auction firm Christoph Gaertner will hold a series of sales beginning Feb. 22 and running through Feb. 27 at the Gaertner auction hall in Bietigheim-Bissingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. The auction of worldwide stamps and postal history includes dedicated catalogs for Germany, Europe, and Asia, as well as thematic and topical material, and general worldwide.

US Stamps

February 04, 2016 09:11 AM

USPS issued Flag stamps in multiple formats Jan. 29

New United States nondenominated (49¢) Flag definitive (regular-issue) forever stamps were issued Jan. 29. Although no first-day ceremony was held, the stamps were officially issued in Washington, D.C. The stamps are offered in five different formats, resulting in what appear to be four major varieties.

World Stamps

February 04, 2016 08:30 AM

Bolivia 1912 Justice revenue inverted overprint error in demand

In 1912, Bolivian postal authorities overprinted in red and surcharged a 1-centavo blue Justice transactions revenue stamp to 10c for use as a postage stamp.

US Stamps

February 04, 2016 03:30 AM

Born Feb. 4: Tadeusz Kosciuszko

A freedom fighter in America and in Poland, Tadeusz Kosciuszko has been honored by both countries for his many significant contributions.

US Stamps

February 03, 2016 09:12 PM

Tip of the week: United States 1893 $3 Columbian stamp

Unused stamps in no-gum condition or stamps that have been regummed and are valued as having no gum can be a real bargain.

World Stamps

February 03, 2016 05:57 PM

Should Canada drop Queen Elizabeth from its stamps?: Linns Buzz

The Toronto Sun is reporting that a group called Canada’s Republic Now, is insisting that the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Post remove Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in modern history, from the country's stamps and coins.

World Stamps

February 03, 2016 05:43 PM

1950-58 Italy at Work series: timeless stamps honor ceaseless toil

The Italia al Lavoro series of pictorial definitives came upon the scene Oct. 20, 1950, as a series of 19 vertically formatted, monochrome pictorial definitives (Scott 549-567). Denominated from 50 centesimi to 200 lire, the 24-millimeter by 40mm stamps were initially printed in sheets of 50 on paper with one of three Winged Wheel watermarks at the State Printing Institute Office of Securities in Rome.

World Stamps

February 03, 2016 01:27 PM

Papua New Guinea surcharges appear in 2014-15 for new rates

In early January 2014, Papua New Guinea’s Post PNG decided to increase the supply of its 1.30-kina local rate postage stamps by revaluing obsolete 1.20k stamps. While there were 5-toea and 10t stamps from previous issues, some post offices had already run out of these denominations due to previous increases, thus the decision to surcharge stamps.

World Stamps

February 03, 2016 01:27 PM

Monkey King to shine on Canada Lunar New Year stamps

The Year of the Monkey is the eighth issue in Canada Post’s current 12-year Lunar New Year series, which began with Year of the Ox stamps in 2009 (Scott 2296-2297). The 2016 Year of the Monkey issue has two separate release dates: Jan. 11 for the permanent domestic letter-rate stamp (85¢), and Feb. 1 for the $2.50 international-rate stamp.
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