Stamp Market Tips: Malayan War Memorial stamps Malayan War Memorial stamps hard to find
Malaya — Thailand was a reluctant ally of the Empire of Japan in World War II. T (Read more...)

Auction Roundup: Modern and classic Chinese rarities Modern and classic Chinese rarities claimed in successful New Year auctions
The new year kicked off with a four-day series of auctions by Interasia in Hong Kong Jan. 11-14, demonstrating that the market for Chinese stamps and postal history remains not only robust, but full of fascinating stories. (Read more...)

Brigham Canada auction series begins Brigham Canada auction series begins with Large Queens, including the 2¢ on laid paper
The postage stamp known as Canada’s rarest will be offered at auction Feb. 22 in Mississauga, Ontario, a western Toronto suburb. (Read more...)

More upright Jenny Invert panes found More upright Jenny Invert panes found; new reports bring Linn's census total to 10
It took a purchase of 300 panes of $2 Jenny Invert stamps, but stamp dealer Ross Wiessmann is the latest new owner of the intentionally created variety with the airplane flying right side up. (Read more...)

U.S. Stamp Notes: navigation station Long-range navigation station near Iwo Jima generated mail with descriptive cancel
The first thing that jumps out from the cover in Figure 1 is the purple alligator. (Read more...)

Great Britain Philately: postal markings, extra stamps Postal markings and extra stamps indicate late-fee mail
Prior to the invention and increased public use of the telegraph and telephone in the 19th century, people primarily communicated long distance by mail. W (Read more...)

Editor’s Insights: USPS mum about Jenny Invert sales U.S. Postal Service keeping mum about Jenny Invert pane sales figures
Why won’t the United States Postal Service disclose sales figures for the Jenny Invert pane? (Read more...)

Budget law requires six-day deliveries; USPS appeals rate increase
Congress has once again said no to the United States Postal Service’s plan to end Saturday mail deliveries. (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: Austria, Sochi Olympics Austria's paint-by-number stamp; Sochi Winter Olympics
Austria Post offers a paint-by-number option on a €0.62 stamp issued Jan. 22. (Read more...)

Classic Stamps of the World column: Greek airmails The first Greek airmails defied conventions of design and size
Greece joined the world of airmail in 1926 under the auspices of a company called Aero Espresso Italiana S.A., underwritten by the Italian government. (Read more...)

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