World Stamp Show-NY 2016 offers news update
The next international stamp exhibition in the United States, World Stamp Show-NY 2016, is now less than two years away. (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: Hands represented Hands shown on stamps represent love, hope, protection
On several new stamp designs, hands symbolize various subjects from a mother’s love to a William Shakespeare tragedy to patriotism. (Read more...)

Marshall Islands salutes Stars and Stripes Marshall Islands salutes Stars and Stripes
The Marshall Islands, a former United States-administered trust territory in the Pacific, issued a pane of 15 stamps marking the 200th anniversary of The Star-Spangled Banner, written by Francis Scott Key in 1814. (Read more...)

World Cup competition underway World Cup competition underway
The United States is one of 32 countries fielding national teams at the 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament taking place in Brazil June 12 through July 13 (Read more...)

Unique British Guiana 1¢ Magenta stamp sells Unique British Guiana 1¢ Magenta stamp sells
The world's most legendary postage stamp, the unique 1856 British Guiana 1¢ Magenta, was auctioned June 17 at Sotheby’s in New York City for a record-shattering $9.48 million. (Read more...)

German states material stolen
The American Stamp Dealers Association reports that stamps and covers have been stolen “from a returned shipment from expertization.” (Read more...)

U.S. Stamp Notes: The story of being too busy Short story of being too busy told through a very brief note
There is little worse than waiting for an expected letter, and having nothing appear day after day. (Read more...)

Heston and Hot Rods stamps used before their issue dates Heston and Hot Rods stamps used before their issue dates
Two recent United States stamps were used on mail before their official issue dates in April and June. (Read more...)

Civil War 1864 ceremony details
The locations for the July 30 first-day ceremonies for the two Civil War 1864 commemorative forever stamps were announced in mid-June. (Read more...)

Imperforate U.S. stamps in the mailstream Imperforate U.S. stamps finding their way into the mailstream
Beginning with the Major League Baseball All-Stars forever stamps of 2012 (Scott 4694-4697), the United States Postal Service started selling uncut press sheets without the die cuts that normally separate stamps. (Read more...)

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