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First upright Jenny Invert pane to be sold blows away editor’s market speculation
When it became known that the United States Postal Service had intentionally printed 100 $2 Jenny Invert panes of six with the plane flying upright, I and others began speculating about potential market value. (Read more...)

Enjoy stamp collecting as a hobby, not an investment
Stamps have been in the news a fair bit of late. (Read more...)

1856 1¢ Magenta of British Guiana finds new collector owner after 34 years
After months of hype and anticipation, the fate of the world’s most valuable stamp was decided in a matter of minutes June 17 at the Sotheby’s auction gallery in New York City. (Read more...)

Editor’s Insights: Stellar Brandon CSA collection Stellar Brandon CSA collection, long hidden, reveals its beauty to a new generation
To say that Ralph Brandon had a passion for collecting the stamps and postal history of the Confederate States of America is an understatement. (Read more...)

Editor’s Insights: New book on development of postage dues Collectors Club of Chicago publishes new book on development of postage dues
Harry K. Charles has pursued United States postage due stamps with passion and zeal for many decades. (Read more...)

Stamp Hobby Views: The stamp process Everyone benefits from greater public involvement in the stamp process
Editor’s Note: Linn’s asked recently retired Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee member Cary R. B (Read more...)

Secure future for stamp collecting means developing, nurturing new stamp dealers
We receive with great regularity letters from readers who lament the graying of the hobby. With each passing year, they remind us, the average stamp collector is getting older. (Read more...)

Stamp expertizing: more than just identification
John Hotchner’s periodic Linn’s U.S. Stamp Notes articles on the subject of expertizing, as well as Editor Charles Snee’s desire to see more articles in Linn’s on this important subject, prompts me to contribute a synopsis of the expertizing process. (Read more...)

British Guiana 1856 1¢ Magenta about to be auctioned Editor's Insights: British Guiana 1856 1¢ Magenta about to be auctioned
The June 17 auction of the legendary 1856 1¢ Magenta of British Guiana, often described as the world’s most famous stamp, is almost upon us. (Read more...)

Village Post Offices — are they worth it for the USPS? Village Post Offices — are they really worth it for the USPS?
The United States Postal Service introduced yet another program in July 2011 to sell stamps somewhere other than a normal post office. (Read more...)

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