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Editor Consider becoming a blogger for Linns.com
Later this year, we will roll out a brand-new Linns.com website. (Read more...)

Editor Friendship: perhaps the best benefit of stamp collecting
About a month ago, I marked 15 years of earning a living from stamp collecting. How best to describe my job? I leave that to former Linn’s senior editor Rick Miller, who once remarked that writing about stamps was like getting paid to eat ice cream. (Read more...)

Stamp Hobby Views: Stamp committee considerations Stamp advisory committee considers all subjects
Editor’s note: Linn’s asked recently retired Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee member Cary R. B (Read more...)

Editor Even stamp icons need regular checkups
On this week’s front page, our stalwart New York correspondent Matthew Healey reports that the Royal Philatelic Society London has examined the 1856 British Guiana 1¢ Magenta for the first time since 1935. (Read more...)

Prediction: The Jenny Invert panes will be grounded in 2015
The fact that only 15 of the 100 panes of the upright Jenny Invert $2 stamps have been reported as found is hardly surprising. (Read more...)

Editor's Insights: Who is studying at the expertizer’s knee?
In his March 24 U.S. Stamp Notes column, John Hotchner began what we hope will be a long-running monthly series devoted to expertizing stamps. (Read more...)

Is the U.S. 1847 Gross exhibit the Is the U.S. 1847 Gross exhibit the 'ultimate' of its kind?
The reader might surmise from this feature’s headline that, in my opinion, the United States 1847 Issue collection exhibited by William H. Gross has achieved status as the ultimate 1847 issue collection. (Read more...)

Give Linn’s ‘Monday Morning Brief’ a try
On Feb. 3, we went live on Linns.com with our very first “Monday Morning Brief” video. (Read more...)

Almost $600 for a press sheet is an obscene act of greed Charging almost $600 for a press sheet is an obscene act of greed from the USPS
How much would you be willing to pay for an uncut press sheet? (Read more...)

Who leaked CSAC working list of U.S. stamp subjects?
Last week, we reported that The Washington Post had obtained a Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee working list of United States stamp subjects for the years 2014-16 and beyond. (Read more...)

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