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Editor Assembling a nice collection of covers with handstamp postmarks can be fun
I’ve never been a fan of the spray-on postmarks that the United States Postal Service uses to cancel almost all first-class mail. (Read more...)

Uruguayan federation addresses the Brasiliana controversy
The front page of the Dec. 23, 2013, Linn’s Stamp News included the article “Controversy erupts over Brasiliana 2013 results” written by Linn’s editor Charles Snee. (Read more...)

The Scott editorial staff is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of perfection
The Scott catalogs are published each year during an eight-month cycle that begins in April, with Vol. 1 of the Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. (Read more...)

Discover the latest in the expertizing world with Vol. 17 of ‘Fakes Forgeries Experts’
The weekend’s mail brought a pleasant surprise to my in basket: Vol. 17 of the popular Fakes Forgeries Experts series that gives the reader an insider’s view of the fascinating world of expertizing. (Read more...)

Editor Editor's Insights: History subjects top 2013 U.S. Stamp Popularity Poll results
We are pleased to bring you the results for Linn’s 2013 United States Stamp Popularity Poll. Senior editor Jay Bigalke presents the winners and analyzes the numbers in his report beginning on page 1. (Read more...)

Stamp Hobby Views: Top 10 recommendations for CSAC Top 10 recommendations for CSAC, thoughts from a committee veteran
Editor’s Note: Linn’s asked recently retired Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee member Cary R. B (Read more...)

Change can be difficult; embrace it anyway
I’ve heard it said many times that the only constant is change. A cliche, perhaps, but true. (Read more...)

Market trends reflected in catalog values; classic stamps up, most modern down
Vol. 1 of the 2015 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue has been available for purchase for about a month, and I am happy to report that sales have been brisk. (Read more...)

Editor Consider becoming a blogger for Linns.com
Later this year, we will roll out a brand-new Linns.com website. (Read more...)

Editor Friendship: perhaps the best benefit of stamp collecting
About a month ago, I marked 15 years of earning a living from stamp collecting. How best to describe my job? I leave that to former Linn’s senior editor Rick Miller, who once remarked that writing about stamps was like getting paid to eat ice cream. (Read more...)

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