International Stamps and Postal History

Covering the World: Kuwait cover Kuwait cover arrived on meeting date
On Aug. 2, 1990, the armed forces of Iraq invaded Kuwait, its neighbor to the south, and declared Kuwait to be a province of Iraq. Less than a month earlier, Kuwait had issued a set of definitive stamps depicting the head of a hawk. (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: New Zealand and Prince George New Zealand celebrates Prince George’s overseas visit
New Zealand issued two stamps April 7 to commemorate the royal visit of Prince William, his wife Catherine and their son Prince George. This is the first overseas visit for the eight-month old prince. (Read more...)

Middle East Stamps: Overprinted Transjordan stamps Stamps of the Hejaz overprinted for use in Transjordan
The last Hejaz stamp set overprinted for use in Transjordan was issued Aug. 2, 1925 (Jordan Scott 122-129). The stamp set is relatively easy to assemble, but what makes this issue interesting is the different varieties. (Read more...)

Message in a German beer bottle delivered Message in a German beer bottle delivered after one century
The International Maritime Museum of Hamburg, Germany, reports the recent discovery of what it calls the oldest message in a bottle ever found. (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: Austrian stamp on porcelain Austrian stamp printed on porcelain; Dutch series features local ceramics
Austria issued the first stamp printed on porcelain March 20, but, according to Austrian Post, it is unbreakable. (Read more...)

Nicaragua suffers stamp shortage
Jean Michel Maes of the Nicaragua Study Group reports that postage stamp activity in Nicaragua has been particularly quiet, and that the country has been running out of current stamps. (Read more...)

Ireland plans revised version of withdrawn stamp Ireland plans revised version of withdrawn stamp
Ireland’s An Post will issue a revised version of its withdrawn Irish Citizen Army stamp April 17, according to an announcement in the second 2014 issue of its publication for collectors, Irish Stamps, The Collector. (Read more...)

Collecting early Ajman stamps Early Ajman issues feature a variety of subjects
In the 1970s and 1980s, the Trading Posthorn section in Linn’s Stamp News carried numerous advertisements asking for worldwide stamp exchanges. Most of the advertisers stressed that they did not want IC, Trucials or CTOs. (Read more...)

Classic Stamps of the World: Floating Safe stamps Scarce Floating Safe stamps recall failed 1920s experiment
The sinkings of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912, and the RMS Lusitania on May 7, 1915, were the most notorious maritime disasters of the decade, and inspired some inventions of similar design for safeguarding mail and valuables on ships. (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: Easter, cartoon, rabbits New stamps show Easter, cartoon, rare and pet rabbits
A symbol of Easter and spring, rabbits are pictured on several new stamps. (Read more...)

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