International Stamps and Postal History

Haunted Canada series introduced Friday the 13th Haunted Canada series to bring chills Friday the 13th
Canada Post launched its new Haunted Canada stamp series June 13 with five new commemorative permanent-rate (85¢) stamps issued in a booklet of 10 and a souvenir sheet of five, plus five nondenominated ($2.50 (Read more...)

Italy issues Nutella stamp for its 50th anniversary Italy issues Nutella stamp for its 50th anniversary
On May 14, Italy issued a stamp devoted to Nutella, the hazelnut spread that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: Brand Spain campaign Spain issues stamps to promote Brand Spain campaign
Six new stamps from Spain spell out the country name in Spanish, “Espana,” with one letter on each stamp. (Read more...)

Stamps Down Under: Australian states Stamps of Australian states: an eye out for affordable classics
The nation of Australia as we know it today evolved from six British colonies. Australia became a federated nation Jan. 1 (Read more...)

Great Britain Philately: British redirected mail Different characteristics help identify British redirected mail
Once the post office receives an item for delivery to a specific person at a given address, it dedicates itself to achieve that end. It persists in delivering the letter to alternate places until the intended recipient receives it. (Read more...)

Two stamp panes, postage label honor Pope Francis’ visit to Israel
Israel Post issued a personalized stamp pane and a computer-vended postage label to commemorate the May 25-26 visit of Pope Francis. Another personalized pane is scheduled to be issued after the visit. (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: Crystallography International Year of Crystallography commemorated on recent stamps
A joint issue between Belgium and Slovenia will celebrate the International Year of Crystallography as declared by the United Nations. Other postal administrations also are issuing stamps to promote this year. (Read more...)

Brigham’s Canada’s first issues exhibit at APS Stampshow Brigham’s exhibit of Canada’s first issues to be shown at APS Stampshow
Ron Brigham’s world champion exhibit “The Pence and Cents, 1851-1868” will be featured in the court of honor at the American Philatelic Society’s annual summer convention and exhibition. (Read more...)

U.N. stationery surcharged
The United Nations Postal Administration will issue surcharged versions of U.N./New York postal stationery June 6 to meet new United States Postal Service rates that went into effect earlier this year, on Jan. 26. (Read more...)

New U.N. definitive stamps to feature abstract designs New U.N. definitive stamps to feature abstract designs
The United Nations Postal Administration will issue six definitive stamps June 6, two each for the U.N. post offices at U.N. buildings in the United States, Switzerland and Austria. (Read more...)

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