International Stamps and Postal History

Classic Stamps of the World: Floating Safe stamps Scarce Floating Safe stamps recall failed 1920s experiment
The sinkings of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912, and the RMS Lusitania on May 7, 1915, were the most notorious maritime disasters of the decade, and inspired some inventions of similar design for safeguarding mail and valuables on ships. (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: Easter, cartoon, rabbits New stamps show Easter, cartoon, rare and pet rabbits
A symbol of Easter and spring, rabbits are pictured on several new stamps. (Read more...)

300-year history of Buckingham Palace in London British stamps show 300-year historyof Buckingham Palace in London
Great Britain’s Royal Mail will issue 10 stamps April 15 featuring Buckingham Palace. (Read more...)

Stamps Down Under: New Zealand stamps Maori design influence found on many New Zealand stamps
The Maori people are indigenous New Zealanders who populated the island nation from Eastern Polynesia in the 13th century. They arrived in voyaging canoes just as other Polynesians populated far-flung islands throughout the North and South Pacific. (Read more...)

Great Britain Philately: Penny postage markings Britain’s penny paid uniform penny postage handstamps
Uniform penny postage began in Great Britain Jan. 10, 1840. The new postal scheme meant that a letter could be sent from any place in the kingdom to any other place, no matter how far, for 1 penny. (Read more...)

Belgium issues a world record stamp Belgium issues a world-record stamp
Belgium’s International Women’s Day stamp issued March 8 has achieved a Guinness world record for the most words on a stamp. (Read more...)

Canada adds to its Baby Wildlife definitive series Canada adds five new stamps, sheet to its Baby Wildlife definitive series
Canada Post is continuing its Baby Wildlife definitive series with five new stamps March 31. The stamps fulfill new postage rates in effect that day. (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: Romania honors dispute resolution Romania honors dispute resolution; Luxembourg prints sheet on silk
A recent stamp from Romania commemorates the fifth anniversary of the resolution of a maritime territorial dispute with Ukraine. (Read more...)

Stamp year sets: a hobby marketing tool Stamp year sets: a hobby marketing tool that’s fun to collect
The use of stamps on mail seems such an archaic endeavor in these days of instant e-mail, social media, texting and tweeting. (Read more...)

Asia Philately: Great East Asia War postcard images Postcard images show battle scenes from Great East Asia War
A set of three picture postcards was issued by Japan Dec. 8, 1943. This set is found in collections not only of Japan, but also of Malaya and Hong Kong because of the scenes depicted on the cards. (Read more...)

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