Centralized delivery savings questioned
For months, House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., has been saying that ending door-to-door mail deliveries could save the United States Postal Service millions of dollars a year. (Read more...)

June 7-8 Regency-Superior auction at Napex June 7-8 Regency-Superior stamp and cover auction at Napex
A choice United States classic stamp and an intriguing Chinese overprint error are just two of the many attractive offerings in the June 7-8 auction by Regency-Superior. (Read more...)

Stamp Market Tips: Nicaragua local post stamps Nicaraguan local post stamps
Nicaragua-Cabo Gracias a Dios — In the early part of the 20th century, local post stamps were issued for two Nicaraguan regions, the province of Zelaya (also known as Bluefields) and Cabo Gracias a Dios. (Read more...)

Spink offering mint Jenny Invert Spink offering mint Jenny Invert
A top-quality example of the United States 1918 24¢ Jenny Invert airmail error (Scott C3a) will be offered at auction May 21. T (Read more...)

American Topical Association launches stamp checklist database
The American Topical Association has launched a new database for its popular topical checklists. (Read more...)

Stamps of Latin America: Costa Rica’s first airmail stamp Costa Rica’s first airmail stamp arrived before regular airmail service
Costa Rica’s first airmail stamp was issued in happy anticipation of a service that did not come to pass — at least not right away. (Read more...)

Film in Canada honored with five stamps issued May 2 Film in Canada honored with five stamps issued May 2
On May 2, Canada Post issued nondenominated (85¢) National Film Board of Canada permanent stamps with five different designs. T (Read more...)

Jersey Poppy stamps can be planted Jersey Poppy stamps can be planted
On May 6, Jersey issued six stamps and a souvenir sheet featuring poppies and commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War I. One of the stamps is shown nearby. (Read more...)

Second plate number on 34¢ Hummingbird coil Second plate number assigned to new 34¢ Hummingbird coil
Just months after its Feb. 7 issue date, the United States 34¢ Hummingbird coil stamp (Scott 4858) has been found with a new plate number of P22222. (Read more...)

U.S. Stamp Notes: Expertizing tools Tools can help you determine if your stamp is worth expertizing
I promised in the last expertizing column (Linn’s, April 28, page 6) that this installment would focus on the tools that expertizers use. (Read more...)

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