Stamps of Latin America: Bolivia Bolivia’s 1935 regular-issue and airmail sets show maps
Bolivia ordered a new set of stamps in 1935 from American Bank Note Co., which had apparently outbid the Perkins, Bacon firm that had been printing Bolivian stamps since 1923. (Read more...)

Covering the World: Nicaragua Nicaragua in the era of revolution
In July 1979, guerrilla forces of the Sandinista National Liberation Front overthrew the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza and established a provisional government in Nicaragua (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: ‘The Hobbit’ personalized stamps New Zealand issues ‘The Hobbit’ personalized stamps
You can transform yourself into a dwarf from The Hobbit films using New Zealand Post’s personalized stamp service. (Read more...)

Stamp services acting director Tackett makes information sharing a top priority
On Nov. 4, the United States Postal Service conducted a teleconference with the Linn’s editorial staff and other members of the philatelic press. (Read more...)

National Postal Museum Treasures: U.S. postal reform Pushing the envelope in the years just before U.S. postal reform
The National Postal Museum’s education department sponsors a monthly gathering of letter writers and mail artists (Read more...)

Essays and Proofs: National Bank Note’s proofs National Bank Note’s proofs testing patents to prevent reuse
One of the legacies of the National Bank Note Co., holder of the United States postage stamp production contract during the 1860s and early 1870s, is the vast number of essays that have survived that pertain to preventing the reuse of postage stamps. (Read more...)

World’s most valuable stamp will be exhibited at NPM World’s most valuable stamp will be exhibited in Washington
The famed 1856 British Guiana 1¢ Magenta — long regarded as the world’s most valuable stamp — will be displayed at the National Postal Museum for three years. (Read more...)

Upright $2 Jenny Invert pane tally at 20 Upright $2 Jenny Invert pane tally at 20
A new find of the intentionally created upright variety of the United States $2 Jenny Invert pane was found in Ohio in early November. (Read more...)

Worldwide, Confederate in Siegel Nov. 18-21 sales Worldwide, Confederate in Siegel Nov. 18-21 sales
Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries of New York City will host four days of auction action from Nov. 18 to 21. (Read more...)

Engraving on a first-class stamp in 2015 Engraving on a first-class stamp in 2015; unveiling of next year’s stamp program begins
Engraved designs will return to United States first-class letter-rate stamps next year, the upcoming World Stamp Show-NY 2016 will be the subject of a new stamp, and another stamp will encourage the writing (and mailing) of letters. (Read more...)

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