United States Postal Service posts big loss — or small profit
A $1 billion profit, or a $4.2 billion loss? (Read more...)

State of stamp collecting from Great Britain: 'Guardian' report highlights familiar themes
A Linn’s reader from Minnesota was kind enough to send me an article about the state of the stamp hobby that was published in April 2013 in the Guardian newspaper in Great Britain. (Read more...)

Distribution of U.S. Civil War 1864 pane limited Distribution of U.S. Civil War 1864 pane limited
Some United States post offices are not receiving automatic shipments of the Civil War 1864 commemorative forever stamps. (Read more...)

Cherrystone Sept. 9-10 auction of rare stamps, covers Cherrystone to offer 1918 Jenny Invert in Sept. 9-10 auction of rare stamps, covers
With fewer than 100 examples trading among collectors, many months often pass before a Jenny Invert appears at auction. (Read more...)

New app, e-book versions of Scott catalogs
The popular Scott postage stamp catalogs are now available as e-books for Android and Apple mobile devices, including the iPad and iPhone, as well as Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computers. (Read more...)

Asia Philately: Japan’s 20th century issues Supply and demand affect values of Japan’s 20th century issues
Japanese philately is very popular both in Japan and overseas, and especially in the United States. (Read more...)

Royal Mail unveils Prime Ministers stamps Royal Mail unveils Prime Ministers stamps to be issued Oct. 14
Great Britain’s Royal Mail revealed the designs of its Prime Ministers stamps on Aug. 12. The stamps will be issued Oct. 14. (Read more...)

Luff awards to Grabowski, Drews, Klug
The recipients of the American Philatelic Society’s 2014 John N. Luff awards are Edward J.J. Grabowski, Richard E. Drews and Janet Klug. (Read more...)

Stamp Market Tips: Zion National Park airmail pane Zion National Park airmail pane
United States — The U.S. Postal Service kicked off the Scenic American Landscapes series of airmail stamps May 12, 1999, with the 48¢ Niagara Falls stamp (Scott C133) (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: Stamps feature Ian Fleming Stamps feature Ian Fleming, black-and-white photographs
Ian Fleming, the creator of the fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond, is honored on seven stamps issued July 30 by Guernsey Post for the island of Alderney. (Read more...)

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