Stamp Market Tips: Cuban special delivery stamp Cuban special delivery stamp
Cuba — Cuba is the largest and second-most populated island in the Caribbean Sea. (Read more...)

Stamps Down Under: Australia’s airmail stamps Cracking the complexities of Australia’s airmail stamps
Collecting airmail stamps used to be an extraordinarily popular specialty, and it is still enjoyed by many collectors. F (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: Multination issues Multination issues feature the Mediterranean, flowers, music
Eight postal administrations have joined together to issue the first Euromed stamps. (Read more...)

Cover in Rasdale auction damaged by failed Unabomber plot Cover in Aug. 23 Rasdale auction damaged by failed Unabomber plot
A scorched but otherwise plain business envelope damaged by an early failed plot by Theodore Kaczynski — the infamous American mail bomber known as the Unabomber — will be offered at public auction Aug. 2 (Read more...)

Stamp and cover theft in Houston
The American Stamp Dealers Association has reported the July 22 theft of stamps and covers from a Houston, Texas, home. (Read more...)

U.S. Stamp Notes: 1930s mail theft in Texas Messy envelope recovered from 1930s mail theft in Texas
Who would bother with a wretched and obviously dirty and damaged cover like the one shown here in Figure 1? Well, my friend Stephen Taylor, an American stamp dealer who lives in England, marked it as one I would want because of the letter that goes with it. (Read more...)

Modern U.S. Mail: Returning domestic postal cards Rules for returning undeliverable domestic postal cards after 1940
This article will illustrate the United States Post Office Department’s policy of guaranteed non-free returns of undeliverable postcards and postal cards after 1940. (Read more...)

Janis Joplin stamp fifth entry in Music Icons series Janis Joplin stamp fifth entry in Music Icons series Aug. 8
Rock star Janis Joplin (1943-70) will be honored Aug. 8 with a new United States commemorative forever stamp. (Read more...)

Harmer-Schau auction at APS Stampshow Harmer-Schau auction at APS Stampshow offers Commonwealth and U.S. rarities
Two British Commonwealth rarities and a new American first-day cover find are among the many stamps and postal history items offered by Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries in the firm’s Aug. 21-23 public auction. (Read more...)

Romanian airmail rarity in Regency-Superior auction Romanian airmail rarity in Aug. 23-24 Regency-Superior auction
Collectors will find two intriguing lots sharing an aviation theme among the many philatelic offerings in the upcoming American Philatelic Society Stampshow auction by Regency-Superior. (Read more...)

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