New Stamps of the World: Greek definitives Greek definitives for months of the year; summer stamps
Greece introduced new definitive (regular-issue) stamps April 24. The issue is called the Months in Folk Art and includes one stamp for each month. (Read more...)

Classic Stamps of the World: Nicaragua Stamps that may (or may not) have led to the Panama Canal
One hundred years ago this Aug. 15, the first ship passed through the new Panama Canal. (Read more...)

U.S. Stamp Notes: Washington versus Franklin George Washington versus Benjamin Franklin: who’s first?
George Washington was described as “First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen,” by his friend Henry Lee in his eulogy. (Read more...)

Fort McHenry stamp shows bombardment Fort McHenry stamp shows bombardment
The United States War of 1812 stamp series continues in 2014 with the third stamp in the series, showing Fort McHenry during the 1814 Battle of Baltimore. (Read more...)

Janis Joplin stamp design revealed Janis Joplin stamp design revealed, to be issued Aug. 8
The design of the Janis Joplin forever stamp to be issued in August was revealed by the United States Postal Service in late June. The image was pictured in the Quarter 3 issue of the USPS USA Philatelic catalog for stamp collectors. (Read more...)

Stamps Down Under: New Zealand’s King George V 1½d stamps Identifying New Zealand’s King George V 1½d look-alike stamps
Stamp collecting can be simple or complicated, depending on how deeply engrossed the individual collector wishes to become. (Read more...)

Modern U.S. Mail: Methods of U.S. shortpaid mail handling Methods of U.S. shortpaid mail handling from 1958 to the present
In last month’s column (the first of this two-part series), I described a variety of shortpaid items mailed between July 1, 1928, and Oct. 10, 1958. (Read more...)

1856 1¢ Magenta of British Guiana finds new collector owner after 34 years
After months of hype and anticipation, the fate of the world’s most valuable stamp was decided in a matter of minutes June 17 at the Sotheby’s auction gallery in New York City. (Read more...)

Michael Rogers July 18 auction includes Afghanistan, more Michael Rogers July 18 auction includes Afghanistan, more
The July 18 public auction presented in Florida by Michael Rogers Inc. will include the first part of a collection of early Afghanistan, as well as United States, Canada, China, Asia and additional worldwide issues. (Read more...)

USPS files brief in rate appeal
The United States Postal Service has told a federal appeals court that an argument against its most recent rate increase is fatally flawed, because it assumes that a massive electronic diversion of mail rather than a “great recession” is responsible for massive losses in volume that it began suffering in 2008. (Read more...)

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