World Cup error sold by Grosvenor World Cup error sold by Grosvenor
In London, Grosvenor Auctions held a sale of specialized Great Britain stamps April 9. Modern British errors have been a popular field lately, with production flukes such as missing colors or perforations making for eye-catching items. (Read more...)

Middle East stamps: Transjordan’s independence Stamps honor Transjordan’s independence
On May 25, 1946, Trans­jordan (present-day Jordan) gained its independence from Great Britain and was proclaimed a kingdom. (Read more...)

New Stamps of the World: Hazelnuts, national parks, sharks Hazelnuts, national parks and sharks on stamps
Hazelnuts are featured on a recent stamp from Croatia Post Ltd. Mostar, which issues stamps for the Croat administration of Bosnia. (Read more...)

The queen, butterflies, ships on favorite British stamps The queen, butterflies and ships on favorite British stamps
A stamp reproducing a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was voted as the favorite stamp issued by Great Britain in 2013. (Read more...)

British Guiana 1¢ Magenta stories British Guiana 1¢ Magenta stories
Read the saga of the 1¢ British Guiana stamp, to be auctioned June 17 by Sotheby’s, as covered by Linn’s Stamp News in recent months. (Read more...)

U.S. Stamp Notes: Stamp expertizer qualifications What qualifies someone to become a stamp expertizer?
Thank you to the many readers who have stopped me at stamp shows or have sent in questions and observations about expertizing since the first column on this subject debuted as a monthly feature in U.S. Stamp Notes three months ago. (Read more...)

First-day Covers: What are combos, duals and joint issues? Cover terms: What are combos, duals and joint issues?
This month’s First-Day Covers column continues where the June 2 column left off, explaining terminology used in cover collecting. (Read more...)

National Postal Museum Treasures: The golden age Stamp collecting has enjoyed more than just one golden age
One of the questions I am most commonly asked by nonphilatelic media is “When was stamp collecting’s golden age?” (Read more...)

Stamp Hobby Views: The stamp process Everyone benefits from greater public involvement in the stamp process
Editor’s Note: Linn’s asked recently retired Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee member Cary R. B (Read more...)

Secure future for stamp collecting means developing, nurturing new stamp dealers
We receive with great regularity letters from readers who lament the graying of the hobby. With each passing year, they remind us, the average stamp collector is getting older. (Read more...)

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