New Stamps of the World: Romania honors dispute resolution Romania honors dispute resolution; Luxembourg prints sheet on silk
A recent stamp from Romania commemorates the fifth anniversary of the resolution of a maritime territorial dispute with Ukraine. (Read more...)

Stamp year sets: a hobby marketing tool Stamp year sets: a hobby marketing tool that’s fun to collect
The use of stamps on mail seems such an archaic endeavor in these days of instant e-mail, social media, texting and tweeting. (Read more...)

Asia Philately: Great East Asia War postcard images Postcard images show battle scenes from Great East Asia War
A set of three picture postcards was issued by Japan Dec. 8, 1943. This set is found in collections not only of Japan, but also of Malaya and Hong Kong because of the scenes depicted on the cards. (Read more...)

Charlton Heston stars in Legends of Hollywood issue Charlton Heston stars in Legends of Hollywood issue
The United States Legends of Hollywood commemorative stamp series resumes April 11 with a new stamp honoring film star Charlton Heston. A U.S. Postal Service publicity image of the stamp is pictured nearby. (Read more...)

Ten Songbirds stamps in popular booklet format April 5 Songbirds ceremony in Dallas
Ten colorful songbirds will take to the air on commemorative forever stamps issued April 5 in Dallas, Texas, and nationwide the same day. (Read more...)

U.S. airmail card used in period U.S. airmail card used in period
United States — The U.S. Postal Service and its predecessor, the Post Office Department, have issued some very attractive airmail postal cards. T (Read more...)

Prediction: The Jenny Invert panes will be grounded in 2015
The fact that only 15 of the 100 panes of the upright Jenny Invert $2 stamps have been reported as found is hardly surprising. (Read more...)

Editor's Insights: Who is studying at the expertizer’s knee?
In his March 24 U.S. Stamp Notes column, John Hotchner began what we hope will be a long-running monthly series devoted to expertizing stamps. (Read more...)

Cipolla is new Philatelic Foundation trustee
The Philatelic Foundation announced March 20 that Roland H. Cipolla II became a trustee in the fall. (Read more...)

Canadian UNESCO Sites stamp series launched Five new definitives launch Canadian UNESCO Sites stamp series
Canada Post is beginning a new stamp series March 31 showing UNESCO World Heritage sites in Canada. (Read more...)

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