U.S. Stamps and Postal History

U.S. Stamp Notes: Stamp for Jim Morrison was considered U.S. stamp for Jim Morrison considered in 1993 and rejected
A United States stamp honoring singer-songwriter Jim Morrison (1943-71) appears to be in the works, according to a leaked stamp subjects list published by The Washington Post in February. (Read more...)

New coil error from three unseparated rolls New coil error from three unseparated rolls; discovery bought online from Illinois seller
A vertical block of six of the 2014 United States Star-Spangled Banner forever coil stamps, missing the horizontal slits that normally separate the stamps into individual coil rolls, was reported to Linn’s by reader Robert Thompson of Texas. (Read more...)

Civil War turnabout mail traveled secretly Civil War turnabout mail traveled secretly across the lines
The American Civil War provided myriad opportunities for each side to utilize resources captured from the other side in battle. (Read more...)

Dollar-Sign Stamps: American Landmarks stamps American Landmarks stamps offer vibrant colors, great subjects
 In 2008, the United States Postal Service launched a series of high-denomination stamps for use on Priority Mail and Express Mail parcels. A (Read more...)

U.S. Stamp Notes: Expertizing subtle color varieties Expertizing subtle color varieties of U.S. 19th-century stamps
Stamp colors are troublesome to the expertizer, but no less so to the collector. Witness this question from Linn’s reader Todd Hause. (Read more...)

Essays and Proofs: Trial color die and plate proofs Understanding U.S. postage stamp trial color die and plate proofs
The only difference between a die proof and trial color die proof is color. (Read more...)

National Postal Museum Treasures: Tiffany’s index Volunteers transcribing Tiffany’s handwritten ‘Philatelical Index’
In a recent column, I wrote that, by the 1880s, the boys who began collecting stamps in the first generation after the appearance of the Penny Black — the world’s first postage stamp, issued by Great Britain in 1840 — were becoming middle-aged men and organizing the hobby along lines we would recognize today. (Read more...)

Petersburg, Mobile Bay in fourth U.S. Civil War set Petersburg, Mobile Bay honored in fourth U.S. Civil War set July 30
United States stamps commemorating the 150th anniversaries of the 1864 Civil War battles at Petersburg and Mobile Bay will be issued July 30 at both battle locations. (Read more...)

Thirteen individuals pictured on Medal of Honor: Korean War pane Thirteen individuals pictured on Medal of Honor: Korean War pane
Two new United States commemorative forever stamps honoring Korean War Medal of Honor recipients will be issued July 26 in Arlington, Va. (Read more...)

U.S. Stamp Notes: More than 75 living people on stamps More than 75 living people on U.S. stamps; model and athletes are recent discoveries
An 1866 statute still on the books prohibits the placing of a portrait of a living person on “United States currency and securities.” For a very long time, the U.S. Post Office Department properly interpreted that as applying to stamps. (Read more...)

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