New Stamps of the World: definitive stamps New definitives represent subjects from sports to politics
Several postal administrations introduced new definitive stamp series this year. These regular-issue stamps display a variety of subjects from extreme sports to mushrooms to a national hero. (Read more...)

Canada marks tragic sinking of ‘Empress of Ireland’ Canada marks tragic sinking of ‘Empress of Ireland’
Canada Post will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ocean liner RMS Empress of Ireland on May 29, with two stamp designs and two picture postal cards. (Read more...)

U.S. Stamp Notes: Covers from little islands 20th-century covers from little islands on different sides of globe
What a difference two similar letters can represent. (Read more...)

Dollar-sign Stamps: FDC with 90 years of $2 stamps Combination first-day cover highlights 90 years of $2 stamps
Pictured nearby is a marvelous combination first-day cover for the United States $2 Jenny Invert stamp that was issued Sept. 22, 2013. (Read more...)

Stamp Hobby Views: Top 10 recommendations for CSAC Top 10 recommendations for CSAC, thoughts from a committee veteran
Editor’s Note: Linn’s asked recently retired Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee member Cary R. B (Read more...)

British stamps honor films and GPO documentaries British stamps honor films and GPO documentaries
Great Britain’s Royal Mail will issue 10 stamps May 13 featuring British films and documentaries. (Read more...)

Tuskegee post office honors pilot instructor Tuskegee post office honors pilot instructor
Tuskegee airman and flight instructor C. Alfred “Chief” Anderson (1907-96) was honored with a United States 70¢ stamp issued March 13. (Read more...)

Stamps Down Under: South Pacific nations Stamps pay tribute to the ancient explorers of the Pacific
It is truly amazing when one thinks about the people who, in prehistoric times, found their way to hundreds of islands that are scattered throughout the South Pacific Ocean. (Read more...)

Great Britain Philately: New Machin definitive stamps Machin definitives issued March 26 for rate increases
Every year around March, Royal Mail (the British post office) announces changes in rates of its most-used services. Usually, the changes are increases. (Read more...)

Modern U.S. Mail: Great Americans series Great Americans stamps and the nonmachinable surcharge
The United States Great Americans definitive series is made up of a large number of stamps that were issued beginning Dec. 27, 1980. (Read more...)

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