New Stamps of the World: Easter, cartoon, rabbits New stamps show Easter, cartoon, rare and pet rabbits
A symbol of Easter and spring, rabbits are pictured on several new stamps. (Read more...)

300-year history of Buckingham Palace in London British stamps show 300-year historyof Buckingham Palace in London
Great Britain’s Royal Mail will issue 10 stamps April 15 featuring Buckingham Palace. (Read more...)

ASDA begins search for new executive director
The American Stamp Dealers Association ended its relationship with executive director Amy Nicklaus March 31, and has initiated a search for a new executive director. (Read more...)

U.S. Stamp Notes: Bikini Atoll test site Covers document Bikini Atoll test site and the atomic age
Since World War II, it seems that everything that happens, whether good or bad, has a matching cachet on a philatelic cover — especially anything that has to do with the military. (Read more...)

When Dreams Blossom stamp variety May 2 at show When Dreams Blossom forever stamp variety May 2 at show
A new variety of the United States Where Dreams Blossom forever stamp, with a 2014 year date, will be issued May 2 in Boxborough, Mass. (Read more...)

Harvey Milk stamp design revealed Harvey Milk stamp design revealed
A black-and-white photograph of Harvey Milk (1930-78) will be used for the central design of the forthcoming United States commemorative forever stamp honoring the San Francisco political figure and gay rights activist. (Read more...)

Stamps Down Under: New Zealand stamps Maori design influence found on many New Zealand stamps
The Maori people are indigenous New Zealanders who populated the island nation from Eastern Polynesia in the 13th century. They arrived in voyaging canoes just as other Polynesians populated far-flung islands throughout the North and South Pacific. (Read more...)

Great Britain Philately: Penny postage markings Britain’s penny paid uniform penny postage handstamps
Uniform penny postage began in Great Britain Jan. 10, 1840. The new postal scheme meant that a letter could be sent from any place in the kingdom to any other place, no matter how far, for 1 penny. (Read more...)

Editor Even stamp icons need regular checkups
On this week’s front page, our stalwart New York correspondent Matthew Healey reports that the Royal Philatelic Society London has examined the 1856 British Guiana 1¢ Magenta for the first time since 1935. (Read more...)

Americana series postal history includes typed labels Americana series postal history includes typed labels on mail
The attractive Americana definitive series is made up of a fairly small number of stamps issued beginning Oct. 31, 1975. (Read more...)

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