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Issue 10: September 10, 2009 Sign me up for the newsletter
Jay Bigalke, Editor

Collecting joint and omnibus issues

Finding different subjects to focus on in stamp collecting is easy. This month's newsletter, for example, considers collecting joint issues and omnibus issues (multiple nations issuing stamps with a common theme), and even suggests pirates for a topical collection.

We also have details about new U.S. stamps for October, including the latest in the Nature of America series, a favorite of mine.

And the upcoming November issue of Scott Stamp Monthly offers more great stamp information and features for collectors, including an article about saving the Earth.

Jay Bigalke
Linn's Online Editor

Kelp forest and holidays space Kelp forest and holidays on U.S. stamps for October

October is probably the last month for United States new issues until January 2010, but enough new stamps and postal stationery will be released to keep collectors happy through the end of the year. (More...)

Scott Stamp Monthly space Save the Earth theme featured in November Scott Stamp Monthly

Save the Earth is the underlying message of several stamps issued by the United States since the early 20th century.

In the November Scott Stamp Monthly, Fred Baumann explores the history of U.S. conservation stamps. (More...)

Linn's Wallpaper

Linn's Stamp News provides stamp images you can use as computer desktop wallpaper. This month Linn's features the 33¢ The Beatles stamp, United States Scott 3188o, issued in 1999. (View)

Greta Garbo space Joint issues mark shared celebrations

Joint issues are the result of a specific agreement between two or more nations to commemorate a person or event with new postage stamps from each country. (More...)

Astronomy space Regional countries unite for stamp series

Several countries join together on a regular basis to issue stamps on a common theme. Two such multicountry, or omnibus, series date back more than 50 years, to 1956. (More...)

Pirates off the coast of Somalia space What's a little piracy between friends?

Pirates have been much in the public mind of late, on two fronts. One is the success and popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. The other is the prevalence of real, live, modern-day pirates off the coast of Somalia. (More...)

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