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Issue 11: October 8, 2009 Sign me up for the newsletter
Jay Bigalke, Editor

Yearbook time

The 2008 Linn's U.S. Stamp Yearbook has just been published, and it is a spectacular reference for anyone who collects modern United States stamps. The annual yearbook is always one of my favorite reads, and we have the details in this month's newsletter.

We also have an article that celebrates birthdays — on stamps — and another that looks at the roles that dogs play in our lives.

Coming up in the December Scott Stamp Monthly is a fascinating feature about the oldest philatelic album known to man.

The stamp-issuing months for 2009 are winding down and soon we’ll be looking ahead to what’s coming up in 2010. Happy collecting!

Jay Bigalke
Linn's Online Editor

Year of the Tiger space No U.S. stamps for two months; Designs for some 2010 stamps

In November and December, U.S. stamp collectors get to take a break from new issues until January 2010. (More...)

Woman blowing out candels space Birthday theme stamps

Several countries have produced stamps for use on birthday cards and greetings.

A stamp from Singapore shows a woman blowing out the candels on her birthday cake. (More...)

Linn's Wallpaper

Linn's Stamp News provides stamp images you can use as computer desktop wallpaper. This month Linn's features the first Canadian Recording Artists pane of four stamps issued in 2007, Scott 2221. (View)

Greta Garbo space Earliest philatelic album revealed in December Scott Stamp Monthly

A never-before-revealed album — believed to be the first philatelic album — is featured in the December issue of Scott Stamp Monthly. (More...)

Astronomy space Man's best friend is well represented on stamps

According to Dr. Stanley Coren, a psychologist and leading canine researcher at the University of British Columbia, dogs can understand 165 to 250 spoken words or hand signals and they can intentionally deceive other dogs and people to get treats. (More...)

Pirates off the coast of Somalia space Great stamp stories in new U.S. yearbook

The 2008 Linn's U.S. Stamp Yearbook has just been released, and it is another must-have reference for anyone who wants to know more about the stamps they collect. (More...)

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