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Issue 24: November 11, 2010 Sign me up for the newsletter
Jay Bigalke, Editorspace

Stamps forever

"Forever" is the buzz word in the final months of 2010, with new Evergreens forever stamps issued at the National Postage Stamp Show in New York City, and the unexpected announcement that new forever coil stamps will go on sale before the year has ended.

The Lady Liberty and American Flag forever coil stamps are scheduled to debut Dec. 1.

This month's newsletter includes an extensive interview with Terry McCaffrey, the retiring head of stamp development for the United States Postal Service.

You'll also find reports about the Asiago stamp design awards, and the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers 1840-1940 published in November.

Happy collecting!

Jay Bigalke
Linn's Online Editor

Forever stamps space Late addition to 2010 U.S. stamp program

A new coil of forever stamps featuring two designs was announced Nov. 4 by the United States Postal Service. (More...)
Terry McCaffrey space Terry McCaffrey, longtime head of U.S. stamp development, approaches retirement

On Oct. 7, Linn's Washington Correspondent Bill McAllister talked with the United States Postal Service's head of stamp development, Terry McCaffrey, prior to McCaffrey's upcoming retirement in December. (More...)
Linn's Wallpaper

Linn's Stamp News provides stamp images you can use as computer desktop wallpaper. This month Linn's features the 2009 Post Boxes souvenir sheet from Great Britain (Scott 2679). (View)

Asiago award winners space The Oscar of stamp design: Asiago award winners

The old saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" certainly applies to stamps, but stamps also have their own beauty pageants to let the judges decide. (More...)
Scott Classic Catalog space A true classic: the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers 1840-1940

The Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers 1840-1940 is the newest of the major catalogs in the Scott Publishing Co lineup. (More...)
NYC Show space National Postage Stamp Show photos

The fall National Postage Stamp Show took place Oct. 21-24 in New York City. (More...)
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