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Issue 33: September 8, 2011 Sign me up for the newsletter
Jay Bigalke, Editorspace

New stamps this year – and next

The end of the 2011 U.S. stamp–issuing year is on its way! We have details about upcoming Holiday issues, as well as a peek at new definitive stamps expected in 2012.

This month's newsletter highlights photos from the American Philatelic Society's Stampshow in Columbus, Ohio; and from the California first–day ceremony for the Pixar Films: Send a Hello stamps.

You’ll also find a feature about colorful computer–vended postage labels that look more like traditional postage stamps than ever before. Are you adding these wildlife designs to your collection?

Happy collecting!

Jay Bigalke
Linn's Online Editor

Holiday Stamp space U.S. Holiday stamps in October

United States Holiday stamps using seven different designs will round out the 2011 U.S. stamp program. All of these Holiday stamps are being issued Oct. 13 and 14. (More...)
APS Stampshow space APS Stampshow in Ohio

The American Philatelic Society’s annual Stampshow took place Aug. 11–14 in Columbus, Ohio, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. (More...)
Linn's Wallpaper

Linn's Stamp News provides stamp images you can use as computer desktop wallpaper. This month Linn's features the 1992 29¢ Wild Animals booklet stamps from the United States (Scott 2705-09). (View)

Pixar space Pixar Films: Send a Hello stamp ceremony

Approximately 750 people attended the official first-day ceremony for the new Pixar Films: Send a Hello commemorative forever stamps issued Aug. 19. (More...)
Pedal power space Colorful postage labels look like traditional stamps

With the addition of colorful designs in recent years, many computer-produced self–adhesive postage labels now resemble traditional postage stamps. (More...)
U.S. Definitive space New U.S. definitive stamps for 2012

Along with numerous stamps commemorating baseball all-stars, famous film directors, the War of 1812 and other subjects, collectors can expect new definitive stamps — the regular–issue workhorse stamps most often seen on daily mail. (More...)
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