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Issue 41: May 10, 2012 Sign me up for the newsletter
Jay Bigalke, Editorspace

Fingerprints and stamps

When the subject of fingerprints comes up, most people would think of crime-scene investigations, while a stamp collector might think of damaged stamps. But the fingerprinted stamps appearing in this month's e-newsletter aren't damaged, they are part of an intriguing and unusual topical collection.

Also featured this month are photos from the first-day ceremonies for the Cherry Blossom Centennial and Twentieth-Century Poets stamps, and a look back to 50 years ago and the centennial stamp commemoration of the American Civil War.


Jay Bigalke
Linn's Online Editor

Film Directors space Film directors honored in May

Only one new United States stamp issue is planned for the month of May. (More...)
Fingerprint space Fingerprinting your stamp collection

One of the first warnings received by new stamp collectors is "Don’t get fingerprints on your stamps." Instead, they are told to use tongs to avoid damaging the stamps from oils in the skin. (More...)
Linn's Wallpaper

Linn's Stamp News provides stamp images you can use as computer desktop wallpaper. This month Linn's features the pane of four €0.56 Whale stamps issued by the French Southern and Antarctic Territories in 2011 (Scott 445). (View)

Cherry Blossom space Cherry Blossom Centennial event

The National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. hosted the March 24 first-day ceremony for the new United States Cherry Blossom Centennial commemorative forever stamps. (More...)
Civil War space Series of 1961-65 commemorated the American Civil War centennial

Two months after the American Credo series ended, U.S. Postmaster General J. Edward Day announced that a similar series would be issued from 1961 to 1965 to mark historic conflicts of the Civil War, and the meeting at Appomattox. (More...)
Poets space Poets stamp ceremony at book festival

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books hosted the April 21 first-day ceremony for the new United States Twentieth-Century Poets commemorative forever stamps in Los Angeles, Calif. (More...)
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