Stamp Issuing Entities Of The World

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Oaxaca (1915)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A state in central Mexico, which issued its own stamps during the Mexican Civil War.

Obock (1892-94)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A seaport in eastern Africa, on the Gulf of Aden. Acquired by France in 1862 and actively occupied after 1884, it was merged with other French holdings in the area to form the French Somali Coast in 1902.

Odenpah (1941)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A city in Estonia. In 1941, the German military commander issued two stamps for use in the city.

Odessa (1918-20)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A Russian port on the northern coast of the Black Sea. In 1918, Odessa overprinted Russian stamps with the Ukrainian trident for use in its postal district. During 1919, the Polish Consulate at Odessa overprinted contemporary Polish stamps "ODESA" for use on mail carried from Odessa to Poland through the cooperation of Gen. Denikin. This postal agency was closed Jan. 31, 1920.

Oil Rivers Protectorate (1892-93)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. Former British protectorate in southern Nigeria. In 1893, the name of the territory was changed to Niger Coast Protectorate.

Oldenburg (1852-67)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population: 483,042 (1910 estimate). A former grand duchy in northern Germany. Oldenburg's issues were replaced by those of the North German Confederation in 1868.

Oltre Giuba (1925-26)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A district in eastern Africa, northeast of Kenya. In 1924, Britain ceded the area to Italy, and in 1926 it was incorporated into Italian Somaliland.

Oman (Muscat and Oman) (1944-)

Stamp-issuing status: active; Population: 2,264,590 (1997 estimate). Independent sultanate on the southeast coast of Arabia. From 1508 to 1648, Oman was ruled by Portugal. The Portuguese were expelled in 1648, and the area was ruled by Persia until 1741, when the present dynasty assumed control. During the first half of the 19th century, Oman ruled an empire stretching from the coasts of Persia and India to Zanzibar, but its power declined until it came under British protection in the late 19th century. Rebellious tribesmen in the interior fought the central government in the 1950s but were suppressed with British support. Later uprisings were quelled by 1975, with Iranian help. In 1964, petroleum was discovered and has since become Oman's major export. In 1979, leftist guerrilla activities resumed in the southwestern portion of the country, supported by the South Yemen People's Republic. Accords signed with the United States in 1980 give American forces access to bases in Oman, which has become one of the cornerstones of U.S. military policy in the region. Since 1970, the regime has modernized the country and liberalized the government, but membership in the Shura Council, Oman's consultative body, while elective, remains subject to the sultan's approval. In June 1997, women were given the right to be elected to the Shura Council.

Opatow (1918)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A city in southern Poland. Local stamps were issued by the municipal authorities in 1918. The series was philatelically inspired and very speculative.

Orange Free State (1868-1900)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population: 528,174 (1911 estimate). A former independent republic in South Africa. The Orange Free State became the British Orange River Colony in 1900 and was incorporated into the Union of South Africa in 1910.

Orchha (1913-50)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population 363,405 (1941). A former feudatory state in the Bundelkhand agency in central India. On May 1, 1950, Orchha's issues were replaced by those of India.

Orense (1936)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A province of northwestern Spain. In October 1936, two sets of overprinted Spanish stamps were issued under the authority of the National Civil Governor of the province.

Orleans (1953)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A city in northern France. During a postal strike, in August 1953, the Orleans Chamber of Commerce issued stamps for use in the city.

Ostland (1941-43)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. The German military district comprising Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and adjacent portions of occupied Russia. German issues overprinted "Ostland" where used in the district.

Ostrova (Mahrisch-Ostrau) (1939)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A city in Moravia (Czechoslovakia). In 1939 the municipal authorities overprinted 64 Czechoslovakian stamps to commemorate union with Germany.

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