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Zaire (1971-97)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population: 32 million (1987 estimate). The Congo Democratic Republic, formerly the Belgian Congo, adopted the name Zaire in November 1971. After a turbulent first decade of independence, the relative political stability of the 1970s enabled the government to improve the economic condition of Zaire. In 1977 and 1978, Shaban (Katangan) exiles invaded Zaire from Angola. These invasions were defeated with assistance from Morocco, France, Belgium, Egypt and the United States. Although Zaire's President Mobutu accused the Soviet Union and Cuba of sponsoring the rebels, in fact they were former Katangan gendarmes who had fled to Angola after the overthrow of the Tshombe government in Katanga in 1963. Mobutu's corrupt and repressive regime brought economic stagnation to Zaire, and attempts in the early 1990s to establish a multiparty government were unsuccessful. In 1997 a rebellion, supported by Rwandan Tutsis, overthrew Mobutu. The new government, under Laurent Kabilia, assumed the old name of Democratic Republic of the Congo. A new rebel movement, consisting of many of Kabilia's erstwhile allies, arose in 1998, and civil war, with the intervention of many surrounding nations, continues.

Zambezia (1894-1917)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A former district of Mozambique, in southeast Africa. In 1913, Zambezia was divided into two districts, Quelimane and Tete, which briefly issued their own stamps, until these were replaced by those of Mozambique.

Zambia (1964-)

Stamp-issuing status: active; Population: 9,349,975 (1997 estimate). A republic in southern Africa. Formerly the British protectorate of Northern Rhodesia, Zambia became independent on Oct. 24, 1964.

Zante (1941, 1943-44)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. One of the Ionian Islands off the western coast of Greece. Zante was occupied by Italy in 1941, and locally overprinted Greek stamps were used for a time. During 1943-44, three overprinted issues of the Italian Ionian Islands were used under the German authorities, who occupied the island following Italy's surrender to the Allies.

Zanzibar (1895-1968)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population: 355,000 (1967 estimate). A group of islands off the coast of Tanganyika in East Africa. An important trading center, Zanzibar was occupied at various times by the Portuguese and Arabs, the latter establishing a powerful state in East Africa when the sultan of Muscat moved his capital to Zanzibar in the 18th century. In 1885, the sultanate's mainland possessions were divided between Germany, Great Britain and Italy. In 1890, the islands were placed under British protection. On Dec. 10, 1963, Zanzibar became independent, and in January 1964, the sultan was deposed. The new regime ousted British and Americans and slaughtered thousands of Arab residents. In April 1964, Zanzibar joined with Tanganyika to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, renamed Tanzania in 1965.

Zara (Zadar) (1943)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A province on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Taken from Austria by Italy after World War I, it was taken from the Italians by Germany in 1943, at which time Italian issues were overprinted by the German authorities. After World War II, the area became part of Yugoslavia.

Zaragoza (1937)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A province of northern Spain. The Nationalist authorities overprinted contemporary Spanish issues for use in Zaragoza in 1937. Through the late 1940s, a number of large, colorful charity stamps were issued in Zaragoza. Although inscribed "Sin Valor Postal" ("Without postal value"), these are often mistaken for postage stamps.

Zarasai (Zargrad) (1941)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A city in Lithuania. During the early months of the city's occupation during World War II, the German military commander overprinted seven different Russian stamps for use in the area.

Zarki (1918)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A city in southern Poland. Local issues were made by the municipal authorities under the auspices of the German military command.

Zawiercie (1916)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A city in southern Poland. Two local issues were made by the municipal authorities under the auspices of the German military command.

Zelaya (Bluefields) (1904-12)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A province of Nicaragua on the eastern coast. For a time, the use of silver currency along the coast, while paper currency was used in the rest of the country, necessitated separate stamp issues for the area.

Zil Elwannyen Sesel (1980-92)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population: 3,000. An isolated group of 25 islands north of Malagasy and the Comoro Islands, west of Seychelles and Mauritius, off the east coast of Africa. Formerly part of the British Indian Ocean Territories (1968-76) and then the Seychelles, issues for use in these Seychelles outer islands appeared in 1980. The names inscribed on its stamps have seen several variations, including Zil Eloigne Sesel (1980-82), Zil Elwagne Sesel (1982-84) and Zil Elwannyen Sesel (1985-92).

Zimbabwe (1980-)

Stamp-issuing status: active; Population: 11,423,175 (1997 estimate). A republic in south central Africa, formerly named Rhodesia. In May 1979, it was officially renamed Zimbabwe Rhodesia, a combination of the African and European names of the country. The country became simply Zimbabwe in 1980.

Zulia (1891)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A state in northwestern Venezuela, surrounding Lake Maracaibo. In 1891, the state authorities issued two stamps, valid for inland postage, which were in use for three months.

Zululand (1888-98)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population: 230,000 (1896 estimate). An area of southeastern Africa, which was united into a native kingdom under the Zulu tribe in the 19th century. Conquered by Great Britain in 1887, Zululand was incorporated into Natal in 1898.

Zurich (1843-50)

Stamp-issuing status: inactive. A canton of Switzerland that issued a number of stamps prior to the release of general Swiss issues in 1850.

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