STaMpsHow 2017 Richmond Virginia August 3-6, 2017

There is only one stamp exhibition that is still the way stamp shows used to be 

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By John Apfelbaum


The annual, official exhibition of the American Philatelic Society.  The APS convention is held annually and moves geographically so that collectors around the country have the opportunity to visit an APS convention without having to travel too far. This year the show is in Richmond Virginia. The moniker ”STaMpsHow is cutesy and confusing, but the show itself is first rate and if you’ve never been to an APS convention you are in for a treat.


The convention hosts the meetings of the APS brass and many of the satellite specialty societies that are affiliates of the APS. There are hundreds of frames of competitive exhibits in the ‘Champion of Champion” class, where regional show winners vie for the award of this year’s best exhibited collection. And the APS show dealer bourse is still the best around-with over a hundred dealers who have brought their stocks or are there to just shake your hand. I’ll be there too. And if you’d like to meet with me to talk about the sale of your collection or just to chat, call my office at 267-763-0216 or email me at and we’ll set up a mutually convenient time to meet. 



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