The Greatest Time For Collectors is Now

There's no better time than now to dive into philately

Who is John Apfelbaum?

John is the owner of stamp dealer and auction house Apfelbaum, Inc. An insightful take on the vastness of stamp collecting, John's blog provides hours of enjoyment. Read over 1,000 articles about stamp collecting and stamp history.

By John Apfelbaum


By 1890, philately was an important world wide hobby with tens of thousands of stamp collectors actively seeking stamps. These early collectors pursued our hobby despite daunting odds. Obtaining material for collections was difficult. Most major cities had stamp dealers, but stocks were thin and any collector who specialized in anything out of the ordinary had difficulty finding stamps for his collection. And if you lived in a small town or rural area, you had to wait until you visited the big city to find the stamps you wanted


For collectors today, the stamp market is a bonanza. The internet has allowed anyone to list their stamps for sale. eBay has millions of stamp lots available at all of the time. And stamp dealer websites offer a rich array of material. There is almost no philatelic specialty that can't be instantly gratified.


But with unlimited choice comes the problem of vetting and knowing you are getting what you pay for.. accurate grading, unmentioned faults and miscataloged material plague the general stamp selling sites. But really, do you want to buy stamps from someone who knows less about them than you do. That's why collectors have turned to websites like Apfelbaum. Everyday we offer millions of dollars worth of carefully graded, attractively priced material with a lifetime guarantee. Counterfeits are carefully culled from collections that we buy and are destroyed so that they can never dupe collectors again. We welcome you to visit our website where you'll find thousands of pages of informative reading about philately and lots of fine stamps for your collection.

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