About Linn's Stamp News

Linn's Stamp News is the world's largest newspaper devoted to stamp collecting. Founded by George W. Linn in 1928 as Linn's Weekly Stamp NewsLinn's is today owned by Amos Press Inc., a family-owned hobby publishing company based in Sidney, Ohio. Amos Press also publishes the world-renowned Scott line of stamp catalogs, albums and supplies.

Each week Linn's staff of stamp-collector journalists provides accurate, timely and detailed news coverage as well as a wide variety of columns and features of interest to stamp collectors all over the globe. In addition to this wide-ranging editorial content, each issue of Linn's features many hundreds of display and classified advertisements.

Visitors to Linns.com will find how-to articles, a stamp glossary, a listing of countries around the world that issue stamps, polls, quizzes, headlines from the weekly Linn's Stamp News and much other useful information. The purpose of Linns.com is to introduce newcomers to stamp collecting and to provide them with a sampling of the content Linn's Stamp News.

ZillionsofStamps.com is a searchable online database that aggregates the inventory of more than 150 dealers to provide collectors with a quick way to find just the stamps they're looking for.

Linn's Mission

The mission of Linn's Stamp News is to help collectors enjoy the stamp hobby. We are dedicated to providing entertaining, accurate, timely and easy-to-use information to encourage active and informed collecting. As the leading publication in the stamp hobby, Linn's is committed to creating a marketplace in which dealers can advertise profitably and collectors can buy and sell with confidence.