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Acquiring the stamp you’ve been searching for and placing it into your album might be the most thrilling part the stamp collecting hobby, but properly maintaining your collection might be the most important part.


Having a good set of tools and practicing proper mounting, temperature control, and personal responsibility (don’t eat or drink near your collection, for example) are critical to increasing the condition and value of your collection.

Stamp care best practices


Collectors' must-have tools

Stamps are fragile collectibles. Good collecting habits are critical to minimize, or hopefully erase completely, the factors that can ruin stamps in your collection.

 Being a stamp collecting requires only a few specialized items that are absolutely essential to putting together a quality collection. Apart from those, however, there are nice-to-have tools to have.

Build a reference library


Clubs and societies to join

Whatever in the philatelic world you collect, there will be reference books containing information that will make you a better collector. Learn how to start building that library. Stamp collecting is looked upon by many people as a solitary hobby. Their mistake. Being a part of a stamp club or society brings together like-minded friends who help each other improve as philatelists.

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