Rugby, Jimi Hendrix, Norway bird stamps


The different approaches a stamp collector can take in the hobby are virtually endless.


With stamps and covers being used in and issued by countries across the globe for more than 150 years, there are a wealth of stamp topics a collector can seek to master, and a vast pool of different postal administrations that might have issues that pertain to those topics.


Being creative in your approach can provide topical ideas, but you can also trust some themes that have already proved challenging and enjoyable.

How to pick a topic


Going beyond stamps

Start with any stamp subject that grabs your attention. Topical stamp collections may be built around various themes like sports, animals, music, or flowers. Stamps aren't the only philatelic items collectors can look for to tell the story of their favorite topic. Postal stationery, stamped envelopes, and postmarks can add to any collection.

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