2000 Canada Stamp Program

May 2, 2021, 6 PM
Canada Posted issued this Rural Mailboxes stamp on April 28, 2000.

Jan. 1, Canada Millennium Partnership Program. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp with program logo (Scott 1835). Linn's, Dec. 20, 1999, page 24; Dec. 27, page 11.

Jan. 5, Year of the Dragon. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 1836), 95¢ souvenir sheet (1837) and uncut press sheet of 12 souvenir sheets. Linn's, Dec. 27, 1999, page 12.

Jan. 17, Millennium Collection. Four souvenir sheets with four 46¢ stamps each from the Millennium Collection. Stamps feature Medical Innovators (Scott 1822): a. Sir Frederic Banting, b. Dr. Armand Frappier, c. Dr. Hans Selye, d. Maude Abbott; Social Progress (1823): a. Nun and doctor, b. Statue of woman holding decree, c. Alphonse Desjardins and wife, d. Father Moses Coady; Charity (1824): a. Canadian International Development Agency, b. Dr. Lucille Teasdale, c. Marathon of Hope, d. Meals on Wheels; and Humanitarians and Peacekeepers (1825): a. Raoul Dandurand, b. Pauline Vanier and Elizabeth Smellie, c. Lester B. Pearson, d. Amputee and shadow.

Feb. 6, National Hockey League All-Star Game. Souvenir sheet of six 46¢ stamps featuring an all-Canadian, all-star lineup (Scott 1838). Linn's, Jan. 17, page 9; Feb. 21, page 1.

Feb. 17, Millennium Collection. Four souvenir sheets with four 46¢ stamps each from the Millennium Collection. Stamps feature Canada's First People (Scott 1826) a. Chief Pontiac, b. Tom Longboat, c. Inuit sculpture of shaman, d. Medicine man; Canada's Cultural Fabric (1827): a. Norse boat, b. Immigrants on Halifax's Pier 21, c. Neptune Theater, d. Stratford Festival; Literary Legends (1829): a. W.O. Mitchell, b. Gratien Gelinsa, c. Le Cercle du Livre de France book club, d. Harlequin paperback books; A Tradition of Generosity (1830): a. Hart Massey, b. Dorothy and Isaak Killam, c. Eric Lafferty Harvie, d. MacDonald Stewart Foundation.

March 1, Birds. Four se-tenant 46¢ commemorative stamps featuring the blue jay (Scott 1839, booklet stamp 1843), Canada warbler (1839, 1843), osprey (1840, 1844) and Pacific loon (1841, 1845). Block or strip of four (1842a), booklet pane, two each 1843-44, one each 1845-46 (1846a), booklet pane two each 1845-46, one each 1843-44 (1846b). Linn's, March 6, 2000, page 1.

March 17, Millennium Collection. Four souvenir sheets with four 46¢ stamps each in the Millennium series. Stamps feature Canadian Engineering and Technological Marvels (Scott 1831) a. Map of Rogers Pass, b. Manic Dams, c. Canadian satellites and remote manipulator arm, d. CN Tower; Fathers of Invention (1832) a. George Klein, b. Abraham Gesner, c. Alexander Graham Bell, d. Joseph Armand Bombardier; Food (1833) a. Sir Charles Saunders and Marquis Wheat, b. Pablum, c. Dr. Archibald Gowanlock Huntsman, d. McCain Foods Ltd.; and Enterprising Giants (1834) a. Hudson's Bay Company, b. Gell Canada Enterprises, c. Vachon Co. snack cakes, d. George Weston Limited; Linn's,April 10, page 34.

April 8, Supreme Court of Canada. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp honoring the court's 125th anniversary (Scott 1847). Linn's, April 10, page 1.

April 25, Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer. Single 46¢ stamp in tete-beche format honoring the 75th anniversary of the ceremony (Scott 1848). Linn's, April 17, page 14.

April 28, Rural Mailboxes. Four 46¢ stamps showing rural mailboxes. Ship, fish, house design (Scott 1849); flower, cow, church design (1850); tractor (1851); and goose head, house (1852). Linn's, April 24, pages 1, 30.

April 28, Greetings. Single 46¢ definitive stamp (Scott 1853) in booklets of five designed as frame to enclose one of five included theme labels: Heart, Writing Pen, Thank You, Maple Leaf and Surprise. Linn's, May 29, page 28.

April 28, Personal Postage. Single 46¢ definitive stamp (Scott 1853) in panes of 25 designed as frame to enclose personalized photo sticker. Linn's, May 22, page 8; May 29, page 28.

May 23, Canadian Fresh Waters. Set of 10, five United States-rate 55¢ stamps (Scott 1854a-e) and five 95¢ international-rate stamps (1855a-e) featuring Canadian freshwater lakes and rivers. Linn's, May 22, page 55.

May 23, Queen Mother's 100th Birthday. Single 95¢ international-rate commemorative stamp celebrating the 100th birthday of the Queen Mother Elizabeth of Great Britain. Linn's, May 22, page 1.

June 1, Boys' and Girls' Clubs. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp for the 100th anniversary, Linn's,June 12, page 2.

June 29, Seventh-Day Adventists. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp in conjunction with international convention in Toronto, Linn's, June 19, page 19.

July 1, Stampin' the Future. Four stamps showing artwork by children: rainbow, space vehicle by Rosalie Anne Nardelli, (Scott 1859); children in space vehicle, on ground, by Sarah Lutgen (1860); map of Canada, by Christine Weera (1861); two astronauts in space vehicle (1862). Linn's, July 10, page 2.

July 7, Masterpieces of Canadian Art. Single stamp reproducing Untitled (the artist at Niagara)by Cornelius Krieghoff, (Scott 1863). Linn's, July 17, page 1.

July 19, Tall Ships. Two stamps (denomination at left — Scott 1864, denomination at right — 1865) coinciding with Tall Ships 2000 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Linn's, June 26, page 16; July 17, page 1.

Sept. 1, Department of Labor. Single 46¢ commemorative for 100th anniversary (Scott 1866), Linn's, Aug. 28, page 1.

Sept. 13, Petro-Canada 25th Anniversary. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 1867). Linn's,Aug. 21, page 1.

Oct. 1, Whales. Four stamps for Stamp Collecting Month: Narwhal, Monodon monoceros (Scott 1868); Blue whale, Balaenoptera musculus (1869); Bowhead whale, Balaena mysticetus (1870); Beluga whale, Delphinapterus leucas (1871). Linn's, Sept. 25, page 2.

Oct. 5, Christmas Greetings. New design for Greetings stamp, 46¢ stamp frame with red ribbon and holly (Scott 1872); booklets of five with five holiday theme stickers. Linn's, Oct. 30, page 1.

Nov. 4, Nativity Scenes. Set of three Christmas stamps: 46¢, Adoration of the Shepherds (Scott 1873); 55¢, Creche (1874); 95¢, Flight Into Egypt (1875). Linn's, Oct. 30, page 2.

Nov. 11, Remembrance Day. Two 46¢ stamps recognizing Lord Strathcona's Horse (Scott 1876) and Les Voltigeurs de Quebec regiments (1877). Linn's, Nov. 13, page 14; Nov. 20, page 19.

Dec. 28, Definitives. Flag, 47¢ (Scott 1707); Queen Elizabeth II, 47¢ (1683); Maple Leaf, 47¢ (1878); Grey Wolf, 75¢ (1880); White-tailed Deer, $1.05 (1881); Red Fox, 60¢ (1879).

Dec. 28, Picture Postage. Five new frame stamps (Scott 1882) for rate change effective Jan. 1, 2001, each 47¢ denomination: gold (b), silver (a), mahogany (c), love (d) and Christmas (e).

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