2007 U.N. Stamp Program

Jul 8, 2020, 11 AM
The Cherry Blossoms stamp was issued by the United Nations Postal Administration on May 14, 2007.

Feb. 2, Flags. Four 39¢ stamps showing flags of East Timor, Switzerland, Tuvalu and Montenegro.Linn;s, Oct. 16, 2006, page 44; Feb. 12, 2007, page 36; Scott New York 921-24a.

Feb. 2, Peacekeeping. A 75¢ definitive stamp showing blue helmet of U.N. peacekeeper.

Feb. 2, Postal Stationery. Standard-size and large 39¢ postal envelopes and a 75¢ aerogram.

March 15, Primates. Three setenant blocks of four (39¢, 1 franc, 0.55 euros) in the Endangered Species series. Linn;s, March 12, page 1.

May 3, Coins and Flags. Three panes of eight stamps each (39¢, 85 centimes, 0.55e).

May 3, Vienna International Center. Pane of 10 0.55e stamps, five different designs, and setenant labels issued for a stamp show in Essen, Germany.

May 14, Cherry Blossoms. Surcharge of 90¢ on 70¢ aerogram of 2001 (Scott UC23).

May 14, U.N. Headquarters. Surcharge of 41¢ on standard and large 37¢ postal envelopes of 2003 (Scott U18-19).

June 1, Peaceful Visions. Six stamps (39¢, 84¢, 1.20fr, 1.80fr, 0.55e, 1.25e) in pane that can be personalized and a souvenir card.

June 1, United Nations Emblem. Single 84¢ stamp in pane of 10 with setenant labels showing artwork from the Peaceful Visions stamps. Linn's, May 28, page 1. Scott New York 931.

Aug. 9, World Heritage/South America. Six stamps (39¢, 84¢, 1fr, 1.80fr, 0.55e, 0.75e) and three prestige (souvenir) booklets each with 24 stamps, 12 each of two denominations (24¢, 39¢, 20c, 50c, 0.25e, 0.30e) and related text.

Aug. 9, Peacekeeping. A 90¢ definitive stamp showing blue U.N. peacekeeping helmet. Linn's, Sept. 3, page 28.

Aug. 9, United Nations Emblem. Standard and large 41¢ postal envelopes. Linn's, Sept. 3, page 28.

Aug. 9, Stylized Airplane. Single 90¢ aerogram. Linn's, Sept. 3, page 28.

Sept. 6, Universal Postal Union. Three stamps (39¢, 1.80fr, 0.55e) and a souvenir card, joint issue with Switzerland on the theme of humanitarian mail.

Oct. 25, World Space Week. Six stamps (39¢, 84¢ 1fr, 1.30fr, 0.55e, 0.75e) in panes of six and three souvenir sheets ($1, 3fr and 2e) and a personalized stamp pane for Space Week.

Oct. 25, Personalized pane. Single 90¢ stamp in a pane of 10 that can be personalized.

The United Nations issues stamps in U.S., Swiss and Austrian currency: U.S. values are used at U.N. Headquarters, New York, N.Y.; Swiss values (centimes and Swiss francs) at U.N. Palais des Nations, Geneva; and the euro at the Vienna International Center, Vienna. The U.N. Postal Administration levies a minimum postage and handling charge of $3 per order.

Full details of each issue listed in the program will be given in news stories throughout the pages ofLinn's. Reference to the date and page of Linn's where those stories appeared is given at the end of each entry. Tentative Scott catalog numbers are reported as received.

Additional information is available from: U.N. Postal Administration, Box 5900, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10017, or 800-234-8672.