2010 U.N. Stamp Program

Jul 8, 2020, 11 AM
Endangered Species stamps were issued by the United Nations Postal Administration on April 15, 2010.

Feb. 5, Coin and Flag. Three panes of eight stamps each (44¢, 85 centimes €0.65). Linn's, Feb. 1, page 1. Scott New York 998a-h; Geneva 512a-h; Vienna 459a-h.

Feb. 5, Vienna International Center. Pane of 10 €0.65 stamps, five designs with the theme of human trafficking, se-tenant with labels. Linn's, March 1, page 16. Scott Vienna 460-64a.

April 15, Endangered Species. Three se-tenant blocks of four (44¢, 1 franc, €0.65). Linn's, April 19, page 10. Scott New York 999-1002a; Geneva 513-16a; Vienna 465-68a.

April 15, International Year of Biodiversity. Four definitive stamps (1.60fr, 1.90fr, €0.05, €0.20). Linn's, April 12, page 2. Scott Geneva 517-18; Vienna 469-70.

April, Postal Stationery. UNPA/Geneva 1.80fr League of Nations Building postal card (Scott Geneva UX21) revalued to 1.90fr with 10-centime surcharge. Scott Geneva UX22.

May 1, Shanghai Lunar Calendar. Pane with UNPA/New York 44¢ stamps showing U.N. emblem and se-tenant labels. Linn's, April 26, page 13. Will not receive a Scott number.

May 6, One Planet, One Ocean. Six stamps (44¢, 98¢, 85c, 1fr, €0.55, €0.65) in miniature sheets, and three prestige (souvenir) booklets. Linn's, May 3, page 10. Scott New York 1003-05ad; Geneva 519-21ad; Vienna 471-72ad.

June 4, Expo 2010 Shanghai. Personalized pane with two UNPA/New York 98¢ stamps showing city skylines. Linn's, May 31, page 1. Scott New York 1008-09.

June 4, Definitives. Two stamps (3¢, 4¢) featuring multicultural people, New York City skyscrapers. Linn's, May 31, page 1. Scott New York 1006-07.

June 28, Postal Stationery. UNPA/New York 44¢ standard and large envelopes, 98¢ aerogram. Linn's, May 31, page 1. Scott New York U30-31, UC29.

June 28, United Nations 65th Anniversary. Three stamps (98¢, 1.90fr, €0.75) and souvenir sheets ($1.96, 3.60fr, €1.50). Linn's, June 28, page 1. Scott New York 1010-11a; Geneva 522a; Vienna 474a.

Sept. 2, U.N. Transport Land, Sea, Air. Fifteen stamps in three se-tenant strips of five (44¢, 1fr, €0.65). Linn's, Sept. 13, page 10. Scott New York 1012-16a; Geneva 523-27a; Vienna 475-79a.

Sept. 2, Stop Child Labor. Pane with 10 UNPA/Geneva 1.90fr stamps showing children's designs and se-tenant labels. Linn's, Sept. 13, page 2. Scott Geneva 528.

Oct. 18, International Year of Biodiversity. Two definitive stamps (15¢, $1.50) and souvenir card. Linn's, Oct. 11, page 1. Scott New York 1017-18.

Oct. 21, Indigenous People. Three panes of six designs each (44¢, 1.30fr, €0.65). Linn's, Oct. 18, page 56. Scott New York 1019; Geneva 529; Vienna 480.

The United Nations issues stamps in U.S., Swiss and Austrian currency: U.S. values are used at U.N. Headquarters, New York, N.Y.; Swiss values (centimes and Swiss francs) at U.N. Palais des Nations, Geneva; and the euro at the Vienna International Center, Vienna. The U.N. Postal Administration levies a minimum postage and handling charge of $3 per order.

Full details of each issue listed in the program will be given in news stories throughout the pages of Linn's. Reference to the date and page of Linn's where those stories appeared is given at the end of each entry. Tentative Scott catalog numbers are reported as received.

Additional information is available from: U.N. Postal Administration, Box 5900, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10017, or 800-234-8672.