2020 Canada Stamp Program

Feb 27, 2020, 11 AM
Canada Post's Spring Flowers permanent-rate stamps issued March 2 feature dahlias.

Jan. 13, From Far and Wide/Part 3. Five nondenominated permanent-rate (92¢) stamps in booklets of 10 and coils of 100 and 5,000 die cut perf 9¼ horizontal: Abraham Lake (Scott 3207, 3212, 3221), Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park (3208, 3213, 3224), Herschel Island-Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park (3209, 3214, 3222), French River (3210, 3215, 3225) and Iles de la Madeleine (3211, 3216, 3223); coils of 50 $1.07 Carcajou Falls (3220); separate booklets of six and coils of 50: $1.30 Kootenay National Park (3217, 3226), $1.94 Swallowtail Lighthouse, Grand Manan Island (3218, 3227), and $2.71 Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island (3219, 3228); perforated souvenir sheet, contains all nine stamps se-tenant (3206). Linn’s, Feb. 3, page 10.

Jan. 17, Year of the Rat. Single nondenominated permanent-rate (92¢) stamp in a perforated pane of 25 (Scott 3229) and booklet of 10 (3231), one $2.71 stamp in booklets of six (3232) and perforated souvenir sheet of one (3230); perforated souvenir sheet with $2.71 stamp and $2.65 Year of the Pig stamp from 2018 (souvenir sheet 3230a), perforated Year of the Pig stamp (3162b); and two nondenominated ($2.71) international rate postal cards. Linn’s, Feb. 10, page 14.

Jan. 24, Black History Month/Colored Hockey Championship. Nondenominated permanent-rate (92¢) stamp in booklet of 10 (Scott 3233). Linn’s, Feb. 10, page 1.

March 2, Dahlias. Two nondenominated (92¢) permanent-rate stamps in booklets of 10 and coils of 50 and souvenir sheet of two. Linn’s, March 2, page 12.

April 24, Eid. Nondenominated permanent-rate (92¢) stamp in booklet of 10. Linn’s, May 11, page 20.

April 29, Victory in Europe 75th Anniversary. Se-tenant pair of nondenominated permanent-rate (92¢) stamps in booklet of 10. Linn’s, May 11, page 8.

*May 7, The Group of Seven 100th Anniversary. Seven nondenominated permanent-rate (92¢) stamps showing paintings In the Nickel Belt by Franklin Carmichael; Miners’ Houses, Glace Bay by Lawren S. Harris; Labrador Coast by A.Y. Jackson; Fire-swept, Algoma by Frank H. Johnston; Quebec Village by Arthur Lismer; Church by the Sea by J.E.H. MacDonald; Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay by F.H. Varley in booklet of seven and pane of seven. Linn’s, May 25, page 14.

*May 20, History of Radio in Canada. Se-tenant pair of nondenominated permanent-rate (92¢) stamps in booklet of 10. Linn’s, June 1, page 22.

Sept. 21, Canada Post Community Foundation. Semipostal stamp.

*Oct. 15, Diwali.

Fall, Medical Groundbreakers. Five stamps.

Fall, Mary Riter Hamilton. Stamp showing one of Hamilton’s World War I paintings.

Fall, Christmas/Folk Art of Maud Lewis. Fall, Christmas/Nativity.

Fall, Hanukkah.

?, Canada’s First Nations, Inuit and Metis.

*Postponed to June 2021, Vintage Travel Posters.

*Postponed, Canadian Ballet Legends. Two stamps.

*Asterisks precede entries with new or changed information. New/changed information is presented in bold italics. Details of each issue listed in this program are given in the cited issues of Linn’s. Stamps are self-adhesive unless otherwise noted.


Canadian stamps and first-day covers are available at the Canada Post website (, and by mail order from Canada Post Customer Service, Box 90022, 2701 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1V 1J8 Canada; or by telephone from the United States or Canada at 800-565-4362, and from other countries at 902-863-6550. Canada’s stamps and stamp products also are available from many new-issue stamp dealers, and from Canada Post’s agent in the United States: Interpost, Box 400, Hewlett, NY 11557 

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