Santa Claus by any other name is still a great stamp subject

December 24, 2012 09:43 AM

The famous man is known in the United States as "Santa Claus," but he goes by many names, depending on where you are in the world. His image has appeared on thousands of stamps from many different countries.


Mailed letter programs brought the world into the classroom

December 10, 2012 09:49 AM

Collecting old covers – mailed envelopes, postcards and wrappers – is an exciting branch of stamp collecting.


The story of Thanksgiving comes to life on postage stamps

November 26, 2012 09:58 AM

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. You gather the family, eat too much, watch football and fall asleep. But there is more to Thanksgiving than that, and maybe some of what it was designed to do for all of us has been lost in the food and football.


Appreciate the beautiful detail of recess-printed postage stamps

November 12, 2012 10:06 AM

When asked to name a favorite stamp, many stamp collectors will select one that was recess printed. Recess printing goes by a lot of names: engraved, intaglio, line engraving, dry point, etched or gravure. These terms all refer to the initial process used to create the printing plates.


Beware of scary stamps that could be lurking in your collection

October 22, 2012 10:18 AM

As Halloween approaches, we become more aware of spooky things.


Russia's vast stamp output illustrates its turbulent history

October 08, 2012 10:30 AM

Sometimes it is fun to grab an album or stock book and just thumb through it, admiring the stamps as you go along. Some of the stamps will trigger a memory; others might make you wonder why the stamp was issued or what it depicts.


New Stamps Teach program: stamp lessons that last a lifetime

September 24, 2012 10:42 AM

When stamp collectors gather and begin discussing their earliest days as stamp-collecting youngsters, the conversation will inevitably turn to how much each person learned through the hobby.


Stamp album quandary: hinges, mounts or something else

September 10, 2012 10:51 AM

Starting a stamp collection involves some decisions. What should I collect? Shall it be a country, a topic, postal history — or everything? Then, you need to decide how to save the collection and enjoy it.


Missionary mail, recent stamps document life in exotic places

August 27, 2012 11:02 AM

People who traveled the world and lived in exotic places generated some of the most interesting covers that today reside in our collections. Sailors, military, adventurers and, yes, missionaries have made tremendous contributions to our stamp and cover collections.


How developing business technology impacted mail and stamps

August 13, 2012 11:15 AM

Today's business is based in bits, bytes, web sites and e-mails. I certainly receive far more e-mails on a daily basis than I ever received letters delivered to my home by a smiling, sometimes freezing and sometimes sweltering mail carrier.


Organize and protect your cover collection for more enjoyment

July 23, 2012 11:25 AM

Many stamp collectors also collect covers, which are envelopes, postcards or postal stationery, usually examples that have been postally prepared or mailed.


The beauty of a postage stamp is in the eye of the beholder

July 09, 2012 11:36 AM

It is always amusing to go to a post office, stand in line and listen to people request stamps from the window clerk.


Take the train: collecting U.S. mail with Railway Mail Service markings

June 25, 2012 11:44 AM

One of the most popular topical stamp subjects collected is trains.


Weeding your collection of problems from mold to stacked stamps

June 11, 2012 11:53 AM

A periodic examination of every page in your albums is one of the best practices stamp collectors can adopt.


Wartime patriotism documented on commemorative envelopes

May 28, 2012 12:01 AM

Envelopes and postal stationery are often called covers by stamp collectors, particularly those that have postage applied, have been prepared for mailing or have been mailed.


Puzzling over paper? Make a reference collection of paper types

May 14, 2012 12:12 AM

Postage stamps have been printed on a variety of nontraditional media including steel, plastic, fabric, wood, cork and others. However, most stamps have been printed on paper, and that is where it gets complicated.


What's the difference between dry printing and wet printing?

April 23, 2012 12:21 AM

In the routine of mounting stamps in an album or seeking information in a catalog, stamp collectors unearth terminology that may seem puzzling. Two such terms, wet printing and dry printing, are the subject of this Refresher Course column, suggested by Linn's reader Bill Stahl.


What's wrong with my stamp? Condition is key for a collection

April 09, 2012 01:10 PM

The March 26 Refresher Course addressed condition problems that affect the appearance, and therefore the value of a stamp. That article described and illustrated aspects of condition that impact color, perforations and paper, but there are other condition factors to watch for when acquiring stamps for your collection.


What's wrong with my stamp? Different types of faults to watch for

March 26, 2012 01:29 PM

This article is about condition problems that affect the desirability and value of stamps that you might want to buy, or stamps you have in your collection.


How many words can dance on the face of a postage stamp?

March 12, 2012 01:43 PM

Sometimes it seems as though stamp designers have taken a page from those postcard contests of bygone days. It is easy to find stamps that seem to be vying for the top prize in a "most words on a stamp" contest.


Take the time to put stamps in the right space in your album

February 27, 2012 01:51 PM

Printed stamp albums and stamp catalogs sometimes include wording that can stop a collector in his tracks. I had just such an experience recently when I was mounting some North Borneo stamps in my album.


Geographic journeys through different worldwide stamps

February 13, 2012 02:00 PM

Stamp collectors have a distinct advantage when questions of geography arise. I remember receiving a phone call from my father in 1982 asking me where the Falkland Islands were located. Great Britain and Argentina had just gone to war over ownership of the islands, and that war was making the news.


The many different ways of collecting and saving postmarks

January 23, 2012 02:13 PM

Each new calendar reminds me of one of my fun stamp collections that is actually mounted in a desk calendar. It is a postmark collection, and the object of it is to find a stamp with a clear dated postmark that represents every day on the calendar.


Collecting a long stamp series can be challenging — and fun

January 09, 2012 02:23 PM

The first of such stamps that may spring to mind is the ubiquitous Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II definitives known as the Machins. The queen's portrait on these stamps shows a sculpture by artist Arnold Machin.
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