2019 U.S. Stamp Program

Jan 17, 2019, 10 AM
The Hearts Blossom Love forever stamp was issued Jan. 10 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The United States Postal Service plans to increase the cost of a forever stamp by 5¢, to 55¢, effective Jan. 27, 2019.

Issue dates, subjects and formats are tentative and subject to change.

*Jan. 10, Love Hearts Blossom. One (50¢) forever special stamp, pane of 20; BCA; San Juan, PR 00909; Linn’s, Jan. 7, page 1; USPS item No. 565004 (pane of 20), 565016 (FDC at 94¢), 565021 (color postmark FDC at $1.65), 565006 (press sheet at $80).

Jan. 17, Year of the Boar. One (50¢) forever commemorative stamp, pane of 12; BCA; Lunar New Year series; Houston, TX 77074; Linn’s, Jan. 14, page 1; USPS item No. 564904 (pane of 12).

*Jan. 27, Joshua Tree. One $7.35 Priority Mail flat-rate stamped envelope; Bell Inc. (printer); American Landmarks series; Kansas City, MO 64108; Linn’s, Jan. 28, page 8.

*Jan. 27, Joshua Tree. One $7.35 Priority Mail definitive stamp, pane of four; AP; American Landmarks series; Kansas City, MO 64108; Linn’s, Jan. 28, page 8; USPS item No. 120004 (pane of four).

*Jan. 27, Bethesda Fountain. One $25.50 Priority Mail Express definitive stamp, pane of four; AP; American Landmarks series; Kansas City, MO 64108; Linn’s, Jan. 28, page 8; USPS item No. 129904 (pane of four).

Jan. 27, California Dogface Butterfly. One (70¢) nonmachineable-surcharge rate definitive stamp; pane of 20; BCA; Kansas City, MO 64108; Linn’s, Oct. 10, 2016, page 1; Jan. 28, page 12; USPS item No. 120104 (pane of 20).

*Jan. 27, U.S. Flag. Four (55¢) forever definitive stamps (single design); double-sided pane of 20 (AP, BCA), coil of 100 (AP, BCA); Kansas City, MO 64108; Linn’s, Jan. 21, page 65; USPS item No. 682304 (double-sided pane, printer not specified), 740104 (coil of 100, printer not specified).

*Jan. 27, Uncle Sam’s Hat. One (15¢) additional ounce definitive stamp; coil of 100; BCA; Kansas City, MO 64108; USPS item No. 746904 (coil of 100).

*Jan. 28, Gregory Hines. One (55¢) forever commemorative stamp, pane of 20; Black Heritage series; AP; New York, NY 10199; Linn’s, Jan. 28, page 1; USPS item No. 477004 (pane of 20).

January?, U.S. Flag. One (55¢) definitive stamped envelope, multiple formats possible.

January?, Coral Reefs. Possibly eight (35¢) postcard-rate definitive stamps in four designs, pane of 20 and coil of 100.

*Feb. 15, Cactus Flowers. Ten (55¢) forever definitive stamps in double-sided pane of 20; BCA; Mesa, AZ 85201; USPS item No. 680004.

Feb. 23, Alabama Statehood. One (55¢) forever commemorative stamp, pane of 20; Huntsville, AL.

Spring?, Marvin Gaye. One (55¢) commemorative forever stamp, pane of 16; Music Icons series.

May?, Walt Whitman. One (85¢) 3-ounce rate forever commemorative stamp; Literary Arts series.

June?, U.S.S. Missouri. One (55¢) forever commemorative stamp, pane of 20.

June?, Wood Duck and Decoy. $25 federal migratory waterfowl hunting and conservation stamp issued by the U.S. Department of the Interior; multiple formats possible.

July?, Moon Landing Anniversary.

Summer?, Post Office Murals. Five (55¢) forever commemorative stamps, pane of 10; Kiowas Moving Camp (Anadarko, Okla.), Mountains and Yucca (Deming, N.M.), Antelope (Florence, Colo.), Sugarloaf Mountain (Rockville, Md.), Air Mail (Piggott, Ark.).

Summer?, Wild and Scenic Rivers. Twelve (55¢) forever commemorative stamps, pane of 12; Merced River, Owyhee River, Koyukuk River, Niobrara River, Snake River, Flathead River, Missouri River, Skagit River, Deschutes River, Tlikakila River, Ontonagon River, Clarion River.

Summer?, George H.W. Bush. One (55¢) commemorative stamp, Linn’s, Dec. 24, 2018, page 1.

Fall?, Frogs. Four (55¢) forever definitive stamps, double-sided pane of 20; Pacific tree frog, northern leopard frog, American green tree frog, squirrel tree frog.

Fall?, State and County Fairs. Four (55¢) forever stamps; unloading produce, girl holding chicken, mother and child with balloons, food vendor with children.

Fall?, Woodstock. One (55¢) forever commemorative stamp.

Fall?, Winter Berries. Four (55¢) forever definitive stamps in double-sided pane of 20; winterberry, juniper berry, beautyberry, soapberry.

?, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One semipostal stamp.

*Asterisks p­recede entries with new or changed information.

New/changed information is presented in bold italics.

Stamp printing contractors are identified in the listings using the following abbreviations: AP (Ashton Potter USA Ltd.), and BCA (Banknote Corporation of America).

Details of each issue listed in this program are given in the cited issues of Linn’s. Stamps are self-adhesive unless otherwise noted.


Mail orders for mint stamps, uncut press sheets, postal stationery, and the Postal Service’s uncacheted first-day covers (FDCs) should be sent to Stamp Fulfillment Services, Box 7247, Philadelphia, PA 19101-7097.

Postal Service supplied first-day covers are available only in certain formats. They usually cost the face value of the stamps affixed plus 44¢ per cover. The prices of some items, including first-day-canceled stationery, may vary. Orders should use USPS item numbers.

Stamp Fulfillment Services accepts credit card orders by telephone (800-782-6724) or fax (816-545-1212). Orders may be placed from countries other than the United States by calling 816-545-1000. An additional $5 shipping fee is added to standard shipping and handling charges for orders to be mailed to a foreign address.

New issues should be ordered no more than two weeks in advance of the date of issue.

Mail, phone or fax orders have a flat service charge of $1.25 for orders up to $50 if they include only prepackaged items, such as the minimum purchase of a block of four sheet stamps or a pane of definitive stamps. The fee is $1.75 for standard orders totaling more than $50. A $2 fee is added for custom orders.

A detailed sales catalog called USA Philatelic lists the prepackaged formats. It is free on request from U.S. Postal Service, USA Philatelic Request, Box 219014, Kansas City, MO 64121-9014. USA Philatelic listings include formats and USPS item numbers other than those listed here.


The grace period for collectors to send covers for first-day cancels ends 120 days after a stamp’s issue date, unless stated otherwise in the listing.

Within the grace period, buy the stamp (or stationery item) at your local post office or philatelic center, affix it to an addressed envelope (postage must make up at least the first-class rate) and send under cover to FDOI — (name of stamp issue), USPS Stamp Fulfillment Services, 8300 NE Underground Drive, Suite 300, Kansas City, MO 64144-9900. No remittance is required.

Plate numbers. Multistamp issues require as a minimum a plate block with every stamp design represented at least once. Plate block formats are listed by the Scott editors in the Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers. Stamp Fulfillment Services requires the purchase of a minimum number of stamps to obtain plate number markings. For stamps with face values of 1¢ to 49¢ the minimum purchase is a full pane. For stamps with face values of 50¢ to $1.15 the minimum purchase is either a full pane or block per the catalog listing. For stamps with face values of $1.16 and up the minimum purchase is a block of four stamps. Plate numbers on most coil stamps may be obtained with a minimum purchase of 25 stamps. Stamp Fulfillment Services does not guarantee specific plate numbers.