Postiljonen auction Oct. 1-2 offers classic Scandinavia and worldwide material

Sep 12, 2015, 7 AM

By Michael Baadke

The next Postiljonen international auction will take place Oct. 1-2 at the firm’s offices in Malmo, Sweden, offering top Scandinavian classics, along with a selection of worldwide stamps and postal history, larger lots and collections.

This sale is being presented in two parts to specifically highlight a specialized collection of the earliest Danish classics from 1850 to 1863.

This first section, titled the Jutlandia collection, will open the Thursday session with 186 lots. The first item is an 1850 4-skilling essay by M.W. Ferslew in negative black recess printing on carton paper. Though similar to the first Danish issue (which Ferslew designed, engraved and printed), it also differs from the stamp in significant ways.

Denmark’s second stamp, considerably more valuable than the first, is actually listed as Scott 1 in the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers.

The Postiljonen sale offers a spectacular mint example of this 1851 2-rigsbank-skilling blue, wonderfully centered within full margins. It is described as Ferslew plate 1, No. 63, Type 3, and accompanied by a Carl Aage Moller certificate.

The certificate description calls this first-printing stamp “by quality the finest existing of the few known unused copies of 2 Rigsbankskilling Ferslew print. An outstanding copy in flawless condition.”

Its provenance includes the grand prix national collection of Stig Andersen and the grand prix international collection of Peer Lorentzen.

The stamp is listed with a starting price of €15,000, which converts to a little less than $17,000 about three weeks before the sale. Keep in mind that exchange rates fluctuate daily.

The Jutlandia collection offerings include additional unused and used singles and multiples of the early Danish classics, plus cancellations and postal history.

The auction continues with Danish stamps from the general sale and leads into material from Danish possessions and other Scandinavian countries: Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The offerings from Finland begin appropriately enough with a mint pair of the 1856 5-kopeck blue with small pearls in the post horns (Scott 1).

This pair was once part of the William H. Gross Scandinavia collection; its provenance also includes ownership by Leo Linder.

The auction description calls this an excellent exhibition item with strong color and large margins, “a major rarity in Finnish philately.”

Its starting price is €20,000, or roughly $22,500.

Though characteristically strong in Scandinavian material, this Postiljonen auction also provides a nice selection of international treats, including classic Great Britain and Commonwealth stamps and postal history, Brazil Bull’s Eyes, and 1912 “Stocken” reprints of the Mauritius 1-penny and 2d “Post Office” stamps.

The auction is taking place on the ground floor of Oresundshuset at Hans Michelsensgatan 9 in Malmo. Lots can be viewed online at the Postiljonen website.

For additional information, write to Postiljonen AB, Box 537, S-201 25 Malmo, Sweden.