Space Achievement issue and worldwide rarities change hands at Cherrystone sale

Mar 2, 2018, 5 AM

Auction Roundup — By Tim Hodge

Cherrystone Philatelic Auctioneers supplied a strong showing of both U.S. and worldwide material in its Feb. 6-7 sale in New York City.

Of interest is a scarce 1867 essay by National Bank Note Co. (Scott 79-E19c) of the frame and lettering elements of the then-current 3¢ Washington (Scott 64 and 65). The stamp was reissued with an A grill later that year (79).

The first of three designs in the essay shows a simple shield outline with a numeral “3” in the center. For $2,185, including a 15 percent hammer fee, a new owner added this strip to his collection.

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A block of eight of the 1981 18¢ Space Achievement issue (Scott 1912-1919) with blind horizontal perforations and imperforate vertically, realized $2,645.