1998 U.N. Stamp Program

May 2, 2021, 2 AM
This Space stamp was issued by the United Nations Postal Administration on Aug. 9, 2013.

Feb. 13, Flags. Eight 32¢ stamps, in two blocks of four, showing the flags of Micronesia, Slovakia, North Korea, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Monaco, Czech Republic and Estonia. Scott/New York 719-26.

Feb. 13, Definitives. Six stamps (1¢, 2¢, 21¢, 2 francs, 6.50 schilling, 9s). Scott/New York 727-29, Geneva 317, Vienna 233-34.

March 13, Endangered Species. Three se-tenant blocks of four (32¢, 80 centimes, 7s). Scott/New York 730-33, Geneva 318-21, Vienna 235-38. (Linn's, Jan. 13, page 1)

March 13, Postal stationery. A 13s envelope. Scott/Vienna U3. (Linn's, March 16, page 67)

May 20, International Year of the Ocean. Three panes of 12 se-tenant stamps (32¢, 45c, 3.50s). Scott/New York 734, Geneva 322, Vienna 239. (Linn's, May 4, page 1)

May 20, Postal stationery. 21¢, 50¢, 70c, 1.10fr and 6.50s postal cards. Scott/New York UX20-21; Geneva UX13-14; Vienna UX11. (Linn's, May 4, page 48)

June 19, Rain Forests. Three stamps (32¢, 70c, 6.50s) and three souvenir sheets ($2, 3fr, 22s). Scott/New York 735-36, Geneva 323-24, Vienna 240-41. (Linn's, June 8, pages 1, 18)

Sept. 15, 50 Years of Peacekeeping. Six stamps (32¢, 40¢, 70c, 90c, 4s, 7.50s) show peacekeepers in action and a souvenir card. Scott/New York 737-38, Geneva 325-26, Vienna 242-43. (Linn's, Sept. 7, page 1)

Oct. 27, 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Six stamps (32¢, 50¢, 90c, 1.80fr, 4.50s, 7s) and a souvenir card. Scott/New York 739-40, Geneva 327-28, Vienna 244-45. (Linn's,Oct. 26, page 26)

Dec. 4, Schonbrunn Castle. Six stamps (33¢, 60¢, 70c, 1.10fr, 3.50s, 7s) and three prestige booklets. Scott/New York 741-43, Geneva 329-31, Vienna 246-48. (Linn's, Nov. 30, page 28)

The United Nations issues stamps in U.S., Swiss and Austrian currency: U.S. values are used at U.N. Headquarters, New York, N.Y.; Swiss values (centimes and Swiss francs) at U.N. Palais des Nations, Geneva; and the euro at the Vienna International Center, Vienna. The U.N. Postal Administration levies a minimum postage and handling charge of $3 per order.

Full details of each issue listed in the program will be given in news stories throughout the pages ofLinn's. Reference to the date and page of Linn's where those stories appeared is given at the end of each entry. Tentative Scott catalog numbers are reported as received.

Additional information is available from: U.N. Postal Administration, Box 5900, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10017, or 800-234-8672.