1999 Canada Stamp Program

Dec 31, 1999, 6 AM
Canada Post issued a stamp commemorating the Canadian Air Force on Sept. 4, 1999.

Jan. 8, Year of the Rabbit. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 1767), 95¢ souvenir sheet (Scott 1768), and uncut press sheet of 12 souvenir sheets; Linn's, Jan. 4, page 2.

Feb. 17, Theatre du Rideau Vert. Single 46¢ definitive stamp for Montreal's renowned theater ensemble's 50th anniversary (Scott 1769); Linn's, Feb. 8, page 14.

Feb. 24, Birds. Four se-tenant 46¢ commemorative stamps featuring the northern goshawk (Scott 1770), red-winged blackbird (1771), American goldfinch (1772) and sandhill crane (1773), pane of 20 water-activated perforated stamps; booklet (Scott 1777a) of 12 self-adhesive die-cut stamps (Scott numbers for self-adhesive die-cut stamps 1774-77, same order as for perforated stamps), unsigned uncut press sheet of six 20-stamp panes; Linn's, Feb. 15, page 16. Two 46¢ envelopes: No. 8 envelope shows hairy woodpecker, No. 10 envelope shows great crested flycatcher; Linn's, Feb. 15, page 16.

March 9, Museum of Anthropology of the University of British Columbia. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp honoring the museum's 50th anniversary (Scott 1778); Linn's, March 8, page 16.

March 19, Marco Polo. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp picturing one of the world's fastest 19th-century ships (Scott 1779), $1.25 souvenir sheet (Scott 1779a), joint issue including the 85¢ Australian stamp issued Jan. 15, 1998, also honoring the Marco Polo; Linn's, March 1, page 30.

March 31, Scenic Highways. Four se-tenant 46¢ commemorative stamps picturing scenic highways in Quebec (Scott 1780), Manitoba (1781), the Northwest Territory (1782) and Newfoundland (1783); Linn's, March 22, page 34.

April 1, Nunavut. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp to celebrate Canada's newest territory (Scott 1784); Linn's, March 29, page 12.

April 12, International Year of Older Persons. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 1785); Linn's, April 5, page 2.

April 19, Sikh Canadians. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp in conjunction with 300th anniversary of Baisahki Day (Scott 1786); Linn's, April 12, page 46; April 19, page 28.

April 27, Orchids. Four se-tenant 46¢ commemorative stamps featuring the Arethusa bulbosa (Scott 1787), Amerorchis rotundifolia (1788), Platanthera psycodes (1789) and Cypripedium pubescens (1790) in 12-stamp booklet (1790a); Linn's, April 19, page 2; souvenir sheet, China 99, four se-tenant 46¢ commemorative stamps; Linn's, Aug. 2, page 14.

April 29, Canadian Artisans and Their Crafts. Eight low-value definitive stamps: 1¢ Bookbinding (Scott 1673), 2¢ Ironwork (1674), 3¢ Glass blowing (1675), 4¢ Oyster farmer (1676), 5¢ Weaving (1677), 9¢ Quilting (1678), 10¢ Artistic woodworking (1679) and 25¢ Leatherworking (1680); Linn's, April 5, page 50; April 26, page 28.

June 2, Canadian Horses. Four se-tenant 46¢ commemorative stamps featuring Northern Dancer (Scott 1791), Kingsway Skoal (1792), Big Ben (1793) and Ambro Flight (1794), pane of 16 water-activated perforated stamps; booklet (Scott 1798a) of 12 self-adhesive die-cut stamps (Scott numbers for self-adhesive die-cut stamps 1795-98, same order as for perforated stamps); designs depict famous Canadian horses and stamps coincide with the National Equestrian Competition at Spruce Meadows, Alberta; Linn's, May 24, page 18.

June 3, Barreau du Quebec. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp celebrates the Quebec bar association's 150th anniversary (Scott 1799); Linn's, May 31, page 26.

July 2, Masterpieces of Canadian Art. Single 95¢ stamp featuring the Canadian painting Unicorn Rooster, by Jean Dallaire (Scott 1800); Linn's, May 24, page 1; June 28, page 12.

July 12, Pan-American Games XIII. Block of four (Scott 1804a) 46¢ stamps picturing track and field (1801), cycling (1802), swimming (1803) and soccer (1804); Linn's, July 5, page 24.

Aug. 22, World Rowing Championships. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 1805); Linn's,Aug. 9, page 2.

Aug. 26, Universal Postal Union. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp for the 125th anniversary (Scott 1806); Linn's, Aug. 16, page 1.

Sept. 1, Francophone Summit. Special postal card honors issues relating to the French-speaking people of Canada, summit in Moncton, New Brunswick; Linn's, Sept. 27, page 2.

Sept. 4, Canadian Air Force. Sheet of 16 (Scott 1808) 46¢ commemorative stamps honor the 75th anniversary picturing DeHavilland Mosquito FBVI (1808a), Sopwith F1 Camel (1808b), DeHavilland Canada DHC-3 Otter (1808c), DeHavilland Canada CC-108 Caribou (1808d), Canadair CL-28 Argus MK2 (1808e), North American F-86 Sabre (1808f), McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet (1808g), Sopwith SF-1 Dolphin (1808h), Armstrong Whitworth Siskin IIIA (1808I), Canadian Vickers (Northrup) Delta II (1808j), Sikorsky CH-124A Sea King helicopter (1808k), Vickers-Armstrong Wellington MKII (1808l), Avro Anson MKI (1808m), Canadair (Lockheed) CF-104G Starfighter (1808n), Burgess-Dunne seaplane (1808o) and Avro 504K (1808p); Linn's, Aug. 23, page 1.

Sept. 4, Canadian International Air Show. Single souvenir sheet of four (Scott 1807) se-tenant 46¢ commemorative stamps feature the Fokker DR-1 (1807a), H101 Salto (1807b), De Havilland H100 Vampire MK 111 (1807c) and Stearman A-75 (1807d); Linn's, Aug. 23, page 1.

Sept. 21, North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp for NATO's 50th anniversary (Scott 1809); Linn's, Sept. 6, page 1; Oct. 18, page 16.

Sept. 24, Frontier College. Single 46¢ commemorative stamp honors the Canadawide literacy organization’s 100th anniversary (Scott 1810); Linn's, Sept. 20, page 24.

Oct. 1, Kites. Four die-cut self-adhesive 46¢ commemorative stamps in booklet panes of eight (Scott 1811) to celebrate Stamp Collecting Month, two stamps of each picturing Master Control (1811a), Indian Garden Flying Carpet (1811b), Box kite (1811c) and Dragon centipede kite (1811d); Linn's, Oct. 18, page 2.

Oct. 12, The Millennium Keepsake. Three souvenir sheets, with 46¢ hologram (Scott 1812), 55¢ (1813) and 95¢ (1814) stamps, respectively, featuring doves, and a postal card in a special metal box. Cost $8.99. The stamps from the souvenir sheets also were issued in sheets of four; Linn's, Oct. 11, page 2.

November 4, Victorian Angels. Three stamps, 46¢ (Scott 1815), 55¢ (1816) and 96¢ (1817) showing Victorian-era children angels. Issued in sheets and booklets of 10 (46¢) and five (55¢ and 96¢); Linn's,Oct. 18, page 26.

Dec. 17, Millennium Collection. our souvenir sheets with four stamps each from the Millennium Collection. Stamps honor Imax, Softimage, Ted Rogers Sr., William Stephenson, Calgary Stampede, Cirque du Soleil, Hockey Night in Canada, La Soiree du Hockey, Portia White, Glenn Gould, Guy Lombardo, Felix Leclerc, Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, Canada Council, National Film Board and CBC; Linn's, Nov. 22, page 1.

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