2003 U.N. Stamp Program

Jul 8, 2020, 11 AM
The United Nations Postal Administration issued its Ralph Bunche commemorative stamp on Aug. 7, 2003.

Jan. 31, Indigenous Art. Three stamps (37¢, 90 centimes, 0.51 euros) showing indigenous art of Latin America. Scott New York 836; Geneva 405; Vienna 326. Linn's, Jan. 27, page 14.

Feb. 20, Inter-Parliamentary Union New Headquarters. One stamp (90c). Scott Geneva 406. Linn's, Feb. 17, page 1.

March 28, Definitives. Three stamps (23¢, 60¢, 70¢ with hologram). Scott New York 837-39. Linn's, March 31, page 1.

March 28, First Powered Flight Centenary. Tete-beche stamp pair (23¢ and 70¢). Scott New York 840-41a. Linn's, March 31, page 1.

March 28, Postal Stationery. Small and large envelopes showing U.N. headquarters (37¢), two sets of five postal cards each showing illustrations by M. Sasek from book This is the United Nations (23¢, 70¢). Scott New York UX18-19, UX24-33. Linn's, March 31, page 28.

March 28, Pictorials. Two stamps (0.25e, 1e). Scott Vienna 327-28. Linn's, March 31, page 2.

April 3, Endangered Species/Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora 30th Anniversary. Three se-tenant blocks of four (37¢, 90c, 0.51e). Scott New York 842-45a; Geneva 407-10a; Vienna 329-32a. Linn's, March 31, page 12.

June 2, Postal Stationery. 2002 0.51e Stadt Graz (clock tower) postal card surcharged to 0.55e; 2002 0.51e Vienna International Center postal envelopes surcharged to 0.55e; 2002 1.09e Vienna International Center postal envelope surcharged to 1.25e. Scott Vienna U6, UX15, U7. Linn's, June 23, page 21.

June 20, International Year of Freshwaters. Six stamps (23¢, 37¢, 70c, 1.30 francs, 0.55e, 0.75e) and souvenir sheets with the same denominations. Scott New York 846-47a; Geneva 411-12a; Vienna 333-34a. Linn's, June 16, page 1.

Aug. 7, Ralph Bunche. Three stamps (37¢, 1.80fr, 2.10e). Scott New York 848; Geneva 413; Vienna 336. Linn's, Aug. 4, page 12.

Aug. 7, Definitives. One stamp (0.04e Schloss Eggenberg) and one new printing (0.51e Pferdeschwemme, horse pond). Scott Vienna 335. Linn's, Aug. 4, page 15.

Oct. 24, World Heritage/United States. Six stamps (37¢, 60¢, 90c, 1.30fr, 0.55e, 0.75e) and three prestige booklets each with 24 stamps, 12 each of two denominations (10¢, 20¢, 10c, 30c, 0.15e, 0.20e). Scott New York 850-52; Geneva 415-17; Vienna 338-40. Linn's, Oct. 20, page 1.

Oct. 24, In Memoriam. Three stamps (60¢, 85c, 2.10e) issued in memory of the U.N. staff members killed in a terrorist bombing in Iraq. Scott New York 849; Geneva 414; Vienna 337. Linn's, Nov. 10, page 1.

Oct. 24, Personalized stamps. Five se-tenant 37¢ stamps showing the U.N. emblem and four scenes from U.N. headquarters in panes of 20 with 20 se-tenant tabs that can be personalized with a photograph. Also available in panes with preprinted labels. Scott New York 853-57, 857a (vertical strip of five). Linn's, Nov. 3, page 1.

This is the last time the 2003 United Nations stamp program will appear in Linn's.

The United Nations issues stamps in U.S., Swiss and Austrian currency: U.S. values are used at U.N. Headquarters, New York, N.Y.; Swiss values (centimes and Swiss francs) at U.N. Palais des Nations, Geneva; and the euro at the Vienna International Center, Vienna. The U.N. Postal Administration levies a minimum postage and handling charge of $2 per order.

Full details of each issue listed in the program will be given in news stories throughout the pages ofLinn's. Reference to the date and page of Linn's where those stories appeared is given at the end of each entry. Tentative Scott catalog numbers are reported as received.

Additional information is available from: U.N. Postal Administration, Box 5900, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10017, or 800-234-8672.