2005 U.N. Stamp Program

Jul 8, 2020, 11 AM
The United Nations Postal Administration issued an International Year of Sports stamp on June 3, 2005.

Feb. 4, United Nations General Assembly at Headquarters 60th Anniversary. Three stamps and three souvenir sheets (80¢, $1, $1.30 francs, 3fr, 0.55 euros, 2.10e). Scott New York 874-75; Geneva 434-35; Vienna 357-58. Linn's, Feb. 14, page 32.

Feb. 4, Hologram of Vienna International Center. One definitive stamp (0.75e). Scott Vienna 359.Linn's, Feb. 14, page 32.

March 3, Endangered Species/Orchids. Three se-tenant blocks of four (37¢, 1fr, 055e). Scott New York 876-79; Geneva 436-39; Vienna 360-63. Linn's, Feb. 28, page 1.

March 3, Views/Sculpture. Two personalized stamp panes, one with 10 37¢ Views stamps showing the same five designs as the 2003 personalized stamps (Scott 853-57), with different border area; the other pane includes 10 80¢ stamps with five designs showing sculptures from U.N. offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna. Scott New York 880-84. Also available in panes with preprinted labels. Linn's, March 7, page 1; April 18, page 35.

April 21, Nature's Wisdom. Six stamps (37¢, 80¢, 1fr, 1.30fr, 0.55e, 0.75e) and a souvenir card. Scott New York 885-86; Geneva 440-41; Vienna 364-65; souvenir card 60. Linn's, April 18, page 2.

June 3, International Year of Sports. Six stamps (37¢, 70¢, 1fr, 1.30fr, 0.55e, 1.10e). Scott New York 887-88; Geneva 442-43; Vienna 366-67. Linn's, May 30, page 1.

Aug. 4, World Heritage/Egypt. Six stamps (37¢, 80¢, 1fr, 1.30fr, 0.55e, 0.75e) and three prestige booklets each with 24 stamps, 12 each of two denominations (23¢, 37¢, 20c, 50c, 0.25e, 0.30e). Scott New York 889-91; Geneva 444-46; Vienna 368-70. Linn's, Aug. 1, page 1.

Sept. 21, My Dream for Peace One Day/General Assembly Opening. Six stamps (37¢, 80¢, 1fr, 1.30fr, 0.55e, 1e) designed by children for Lions Clubs International poster contest. Scott New York 892-93; Geneva 447-48; Vienna 371-72. Linn's, Oct. 10, page 30.

Oct. 20 World Food Day/Food For Life. Six stamps (37¢, 80¢, 1fr, 1.30fr, 0.55e, 1.25e). Scott New York 894-95; Geneva 449-50; Vienna 373-74. Linn's, Oct. 24, page 1.

The United Nations issues stamps in U.S., Swiss and Austrian currency: U.S. values are used at U.N. Headquarters, New York, N.Y.; Swiss values (centimes and Swiss francs) at U.N. Palais des Nations, Geneva; and the euro at the Vienna International Center, Vienna. The U.N. Postal Administration levies a minimum postage and handling charge of $2 per order.

Full details of each issue listed in the program will be given in news stories throughout the pages ofLinn's. Reference to the date and page of Linn's where those stories appeared is given at the end of each entry. Tentative Scott catalog numbers are reported as received.

Additional information is available from: U.N. Postal Administration, Box 5900, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10017, or 800-234-8672.