2006 Canada Stamp Program

Dec 31, 2006, 6 AM
The Canadian Labour Congress was honored by this stamp issued by Canada Post on April 20, 2006.

January 6, Year of the Dog. Single 51¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2140) and $1.49 souvenir sheet (2141) for the lunisolar New Year; Linn's, Jan. 2, page 1.

January 12, Queen Elizabeth II Birthday. Single 51¢ special stamp (Scott 2142) for the queen's 80th birthday; Linn's, Jan. 9, page 8.

February 3, Winter Olympics. Two se-tenant stamps for the Winter Olympics held in Torino, Italy: 51¢ Team Pursuit Speed Skating (Scott 2143) and 51¢ Skeleton (2144); Linn's, Jan. 23 page 1.

March 8, Gardens. Four 51¢ commemorative stamps (Scott 2145) for the 100th anniversary of the Ontario Horticultural Association; Linn's, Feb. 13 page 1.

March ?, Year of the Dog. Two international-rate picture postal cards; Linn's, April 10, page 2.

April 3, Birthdays. Single 51¢ special stamp (Scott 2146); Linn's, March 27 page 1.

April 7, Art Canada: Dorothy Knowles. Single 51¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2147) and souvenir sheet (2148) with 51¢ and 89¢ stamps; Linn's, April 3, page 1.

April 19? Fay Wray. Single nondenominated Canadians in Hollywood international-rate picture postal card, mailed to Canada Post Philatelic Centre standing-order customers; Linn's, May 29 page 14.

April 20, Canadian Labour Congress. Single 51¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2149) for the 50th anniversary of the congress; Linn's, April 10, page 1.

April 21, Queen Elizabeth II Birthday. Souvenir sheet (Scott 2150) containing two $1.49 stamps of the same design for the queen's 80th birthday; Linn's April 17, page 20.

April 26, McClelland & Stewart. Single 51¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2151) for the 100th anniversary of the publishing house; Linn's, April 24, page 1.

May 11, Canadian Museum of Civilization. Single 89¢ (letter rate to the United States) commemorative stamp (Scott 2152) for the 150th anniversary of the museum; Linn's, May 8, page 16.

May 26, Canadians in Hollywood. Four 51¢ commemorative stamps (Scott 2154a-d) honoring Fay Wray, Mary Pickford, Lorne Greene and John Candy; booklet of eight with two of each stamp available with four different covers; souvenir sheet of four (2153); and four nondenominated international-rate picture postal cards; Linn's, May 22, page 50; July 10, page 2.

May 28, Champlain's Exploration of the Atlantic Coast. Single 51¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2155) and single souvenir sheet (2156) containing two Canadian 51¢ stamps and two United States 39¢ stamps, joint issue with the United States; Linn's, May 22 page 1; July 24, page 8.

June 15, Vancouver Aquarium. Single 51¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2157) for the 50th anniversary; Linn's, June 12 page 1; July 24, page 14.

June 28, Canadian Forces Snowbirds. Two 51¢ stamps (Scott 2158-59), souvenir sheet of two 51¢ stamps (2159b) and two international-rate picture postal cards; Linn's, June 19, page 2.

June 30, Atlas of Canada. Single 51¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2160) for the 100th anniversary; Linn's, June 26, page 1.

July 6, World Lacrosse Championship. Single 51¢ stamp (Scott 2161) for the event held in London, Ontario; Linn's, July 3, page 1.

July 19, Mountaineering. Single 51¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2162) for the 100th anniversary of the Alpine Club of Canada; Linn's, July 10, page 1.

August 3, Duck Decoys. Four se-tenant 51¢ commemorative stamps, (Scott 2163-66) souvenir sheet of four 51¢ stamps (2166b) and four nondenominated international-rate picture postal cards, Linn's, July 31, page 2.

August 16, Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. Single 51¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2167) for the 50th anniversary of the society, Linn's, Aug. 14, page 1.

August 23, Wine and Cheese. Four 51¢ commemorative stamps (Scott 2168-71), Linn's, Aug. 21, page 10.

September 26, McDonald College. Single 51¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2172) for the 100th anniversary of the college's founding; Linn's, Sept. 11, page 2.

September 29, Endangered Species. Four 51¢ commemorative stamps and a souvenir sheet of four featuring the swift fox, the blue racer snake, the tiger salamander and the Newfoundland marten; for Stamp Collecting Month; Linn's, Sept. 25, page 2.

Oct. 17, Opera Singers. Five se-tenant 51¢ commemorative stamps, one each featuring Maureen Forrester, Raoul Jobin, Jon Vickers and Edward Johnson, and one with both Leopold Simoneau and Pierette Alarie; Linn's, Oct. 16, page 1.

Nov. 1, Christmas. Single 51¢ Madonna and Child special stamp; Linn's, Oct. 30, page 1.

Nov. 1, Christmas Postcards. Three special stamps picturing different traditional postcard designs: 51¢, 89¢ and $1.49; Linn's, Oct. 30, page 1.

Nov. 16, Queen Elizabeth II. Single nondenominated permanent letter-rate (sold at 51¢ until Jan. 14, 2007, and 52¢ thereafter) definitive stamp, Linn's, Nov. 13, page 1.

Nov. 16, Spotted Coralroot Orchid. A single nondenominated permanent letter-rate (sold at 51¢ through Jan. 14, 2007, and 52¢ thereafter) definitive stamp, Linn's, Nov. 13, page 1.

Nov. 16, Flag over Landscape. Five nondenominated permanent letter-rate definitive stamps (sold at 51¢ each through Jan. 14, 2007, and 52¢ thereafter) showing the Canadian flag over Bras D'Or Lake, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia; Chemainus, British Columbia; Churchill, Manitoba; Sirmilik National Park, Nunavut; and Tuktut Nogait National Park, Northwest Territories, Linn's, Nov. 13, page 1.

Dec. 19, Flowers. Three coil stamps (Scott 2195-97) and three booklet definitive stamps (2198-2200) and souvenir sheet of four (2194): 93¢ Flat-leaved Bladderwort stamp for the U.S. letter rate, a $1.10 Marsh Skullcap stamp for the oversize letter rate and a $1.55 Little Larkspur stamp for the international letter rate. The souvenir sheet contains one each of the 93¢, $1.10 and $1.55 stamps and a nondenominated permanent letter rate Spotted Coralroot Orchid stamp, Linn's, Dec. 25, page 1.

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Mail orders for mint stamps, uncut press sheets, postal stationery and first-day covers (FDCs) should be sent to Canada Post, National Philatelic Centre, 75 St. Ninian St., Antigonish, Nova Scotia NS B2G 2R8, Canada; or telephone 800-565-4362.